In the history of the world, the male figure of the family has always held an important role. However, the main focus was put on the woman of the family for centuries.

The woman was counted on to run the household and bear the children. Men were still vital, as they went out and worked, providing for their families, but the woman was given most of the credit of a functioning family.

Now, women are coming out of the home and becoming a significant and deserved presence in the workplace.

They are making history and, while the statistics still reveal inequalities, women are paving the way as CEOs, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and so much more.

With women emerging in the workplace, there is a shift in traditional values and appreciation.

Fathers are now starting to be recognized for how significant their roles in their families are.

While, yes, women are still responsible for bearing children for obvious reasons, the father’s role is being realized to be equally as important.

Fathers serve as their daughter’s first love, provide an example for their sons on how to grow into a man, the integrity, the morals.

Fathers also carry an insane burden of being the provider of the family; the one that feels it is his predisposed duty to ensure the happiness, health, and security of his family

Simply said a good father is your first love, your first hero, a role model to look up to.

He is the man who was maybe away most of the day, working hard, trying to give you a comfortable life, but whose every thought at every second was just about you.

He is the man whose heart quietly ached when he had to say good bye to you through your tears, when he had to leave every morning for work.

He is the man whose whole world turned upside down, priorities changed, ever since the first moment he saw you.

He is the man who was maybe a little strict sometimes, but he hated it and it always pained him to see any tears in your eyes.

He is the man who walked for nights carrying you, trying to make you sleep.

He is the man who always slipped you a chocolate when your mom wasn’t looking.

He is the man who changed your diapers, who maybe tucked a towel in his shirt as a cape and joined you as a super hero character in the fancy dress competition, whose back was once a horse ride for you.

He is the man who put up a beautiful example of love in front of you by the unconditional way he loved your mother.

He is the man who came home tired every day and then joined your mom in the chores, trying to help in whichever way he can, because he knew your mom too had a very tiring day like him.

He is the man whose heart swelled with pride as he saw you on stage for the first time, and he couldn’t stop boasting about your performance to every person he met.

He is the man who ran behind you, while you pedaled the big bicycle for the first time.

He is the one who picked up a fight with you when you said you were coming home late, but still could for go to sleep till he heard your keys in the lock.

Your mom will nag you but he will tell your mom to relax and forget about it, without your knowledge.

He is the one who has always stood by your side as your strongest support.

He is the first one you call when you are in any trouble, because you know that whatever happens, and however old you get, he will always, always, be there for you.

He is the one who silently hid his tears as you started your new life with your life partner.

He is the one who maybe does not understand your lifestyle now, but will always defend you, dare anybody else comment on it.

He is the one who will always be a little more partial to your spouse, because he knows how much you love that person.

He is the one who always been there, and who will always be there for you, your strongest ally, your strongest support, your back bone.

He will be there, silently, and at the background, but never ever leaving your side.

He is the unsung super hero of your life.

He is your father.