In A World Where It’s Every Man For Himself

Since everyone is always interested in who is to blame I’ll portion that out first. For truth is, the blame lies in almost equal measures with the media, society, our political infrastructure and, of course, ourselves.

Yes, ourselves. That’s the most important of all. Something that a lot of us fail to acknowledge sometimes.

Once again, true to the title, this entry is going to blame a lot of parties for this mindset of ours. And it’s by how I felt. Yes, how I felt.  See, it’s always about me myself and I isn’t it?

For I am just like you. Everything has to revolve around us right? But I don’t really care, of course, because this blog is mine. I write or post what topic or whatever I felt like it.

It’s more or less an illustration of my point, that the focus of our every waking moment has been reduced to a pinpoint which centers only on us. I repeat, “us”.  Screw everyone else, for you don’t really care about them.

“But I care about other people, I donate to charities, I fold my family’s clothes, I help little old ladies across the street.” . . That’s what you’ll say right ?

Sure you do those things, but only when it’s convenient right? Not when you have something you need, or want on the line. Even you, in your attempt to ‘do’ for others are really just doing it because it makes you feel good. Because that comes first, as always . . the “me” part.
See what I mean?

I believe that the age and society we live in panders to this “me first” attitude. We play on our fears that if we don’t support something we have or hold on to, then something else will be taken away or something we need won’t be given. We’re constantly being barraged with the negative effects of not doing what people want out of us. These things will be diminished if we don’t comply.

My opinion on this is simple – Yes, most people will choose themselves over others, only because it’s only human nature to be narcissistic. I do believe that rule can be changed for parents, since most parents would die for their kids’ safety & well being.

But other people usually don’t mind repercussions when they are just going to hurt another person. They are more concerned of how a situation will affect them in the long run, and not how it affects others. It’s pretty selfish if you ask me, but then again, who isn’t?

I think the people who only care for themselves have experienced pain of some sort, so to protect themselves from being hurt; they isolate themselves and care for only themselves.

They are usually those who have experienced disappointments in relationships with others. So they have a wall up, or have developed a dislike/fear of other people who they think will potentially harm them. It just reflects a person’s fear of being let down by others.

The few people I have met who genuinely care about others are those who don’t expect anything back. They do good things out of kindness. Sometimes it’s hard to find these types of people, but you’ll find them. For they do exist. And these people, they make me happy and restore my faith in humanity with their unselfish attitudes. Way to go !!

Let’s go back to my allocation of blame again : ourselves, media, political infrastructure and society. Let’s tackle media.

The following statement should be obvious (if you’re a thinking adult). There is no such thing as unbiased media. If you don’t agree with that statement then you should probably stop reading now because the rest of the explanation depends on it.

The media are out to make a buck. They’re a business. They need to distinguish themselves from others and find a way to maintain and grow their market share, their influence. Now while they can’t actively lie without suffering major repercussions, they are free to exaggerate and distort, insinuate and warp facts to suit their needs.

Further, they know damn well our hot buttons, when to use them and when to lay off. An example is the current reports to the low fertility rate and how our citizens are not producing enough babies.

It’s not so hot any more, people are tired of this topic, they’ve heard it all, and it’s going to be hard to rev people up on the topic when they’re more focused on losing their jobs. The media (although not some politicians) has barely mentioned it at all because they know it won’t sell, hold viewers or readers in thrall. But they do know that deficits sell.

So they throw up conflicting messages and news stories – “Foreigners brought in due to low fertility rate” or “Without good salaries we won’t have good teachers and the kids will suffer!”

Push, pull, back, forth, we are manipulated because we want to be distracted, energized, emotional. They pander, we pay and the cycle continues. The media feeds our selfishness but that’s their job, they too just want to make a buck.

I won’t talk about political infrastructure for I hated politics as much as I hate the obscene prices of HDB units in my country. And I promise I won’t talk or touch deeply about politics or religion as everyone got different views on them.

And it’s too sensitive a topic. Not because I am scared of some random cop showing at my door and arrest me for writing these kind of stuffs online. I couldn’t really be bothered by it.

But I am bothered that people still continue to live silently, swallowing hard facts and still do nothing about it. Maybe they are just too concerned about themselves. About their rice bowls, their own safety & their current job and their level of safety zones rather than the hope and betterment of a country that is currently in a dire state of fucked up-ness.

And rather than having the hope of making our children and grandchildren’s lives easier. For at the rate we’re going, only God knows how they are going to survive in this country in the coming years to come. Thats what really bothers me most. Ok I’m getting kind of worked up. See, I told you I hate politics. So let’s just skip it aitez.

And last but not least, society. Society is also to blame, although this is just a bit more complicated. As a race we have become wealthier, more decadent. We no longer live in caves, suffer from plagues, die en-masse from weather-related issues.

More people live more comfortably than ever before and thus we have the time to ponder our entitlements. Furthermore, our society has taught us that a person is defined by their culture, the things that set us apart, not the things that make us the same.

I worry about us. Humans have thrived because we have been able to cooperate, suffering individually for the greater good of the species. But it seems like that is changing.

I’ve heard the sentiment echoed “who cares what happens to future generations, I’ll be dead then anyway.” That doesn’t bode well for us. I know that in a time of crisis that much of that melts away, and people will momentarily band and bond together.

In a world where it’s every man for himself, we are destined to be very lonely, very vulnerable and very isolated even as we crowed the planet.

I guess it’s sad, and doesn’t bode well for our future success, but then again, I’ll be dead by then anyway so why should I care?

Actually I do.