The Frattelis – Whistle For The Choir 

It’s almost a sin that I didnt even once thought about posting this awesome song on my blog, considering the fact that this has been my one of my favourite songs over the last couple of years.

And they’re one of the main reasons on why I liked Indie music so much over commercial music. Well, I’m gonna let justice be done. So here it is.

The Fratellis were a 3 piece indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. “Whistle for the Choir” is their third single. It reached #9 in the UK Singles Chart, which is quite a feat, considering the amount of exposure, commercial value and airplay indie bands get.

Btw for your info, the song was originally titled “Knickers In A Handbag'” but was changed due to pressure from the label. Their most famous song to date, Chelsea Dagger, is truly an indie rock awesomeness at its very best (with a lot of hot chicks) and notably more infectious, but to me, this is their real gem.

Well basically, this song is about heartbreak, not getting a chance by the person you like. Hopelessly thinking and believing that you should be with him/her even though he/she doesn’t give you the time or day. Knowing how awesome and amazing he/she is but he/she doesn’t feel the same about you. The End.

Without a doubt, this is their best moment by far, simply for the fact it does not have any dumb hooks in it. Pretty great ballad, with nice lyrics and a pretty amazingly catchy melody.

The guitars do some good stuff here, but this is one of those songs where everything just works together all so well. It’s truly a joy hear such great music. I’m blessed.

The Fratellis is one of those bands I know that has produced an album where every song on it is fucking awesome. It’s a pity they have split up.

They are such a brilliant yet sadly under rated band. And this awesome song is a strong testament as to why.

Give it a listen. You’ll definitely love it. That’s the beauty of good music. It’s love at first sight everytime.