Love. It’s such a small word, but it’s probably the biggest and most important emotion that people will ever feel. Love can be a wonderful thing. It can make you believe that you’re the happiest person on Earth. It can consume you and make you invincible.

Love is also a very complex and complicated thing. Love doesn’t have just one meaning, to everyone in this world it has a whole lot of meanings. But to sum up the meaning of Love in little words it’s unconditional, understanding, it is patient, kind, it protects, trusts, and it hopes. So why are people afraid of love? When you find love, fear is never too far behind. It’s part of life.

Unfortunately love – or what we think is love – doesn’t always last. Boyfriends and girlfriends break up, marriages fall apart, people pass away, etc. Hearts get broken and scars are left to heal – or in some cases, they don’t heal. A broken heart is probably the worst emotion that humans feel. It causes, pain, depression and in some cases, even suicide.

Life experiences could be a factor of some people’s fear of love. Their experiences could have been so traumatic that it destroyed the meaning of love for them. Whenever they try to find love or if they found love, they back off and run away because those experiences stuck with them.

Past relationships might be one of those experiences. It might be relationships that last for a month to relationships that lasted for years. People in relationships that lasted for a very long time and then suddenly end are often the ones that start dreading the dating scene and the love word. They start secluding themselves from anyone and anything, basically making themselves non-existent to the whole world.

In that relationship they have given it their all. They gave up everything and dedicated their whole being to making the relationship work. Then it ended. And the pain and hurt they felt never left them. When it ended, they probably felt a little at fault. They didn’t try hard enough to make the relationship work. Or that their partner thought they weren’t attractive anymore. Whatever the reason for the separation, that person might feel like the blame is on him/her.

Time passes by and that feeling of blame and insecurity never left. Now if love does come along and that person might feel like he/she loves that person, the person might feel like they’re losing control of their lives. They’ll run away. Or they might flee because they have the fear of getting to know someone new and being loved by that new someone. People might also have the fear of the questions in their head. If they found that new love, is he/she actually the one? What if he/she leaves? What if I’m not good enough? What if this doesn’t work? Will I get my heart broken again ?

Once you’ve been hurt, or seen someone hurt, it can make it hard for you to put yourself out there and be vulnerable all over again. Well . . To truly love someone, you have to do just that. Many people feel that they are better off not loving so that there is no chance of getting their heart broken.

I’ve felt like that before. I completely shut out anyone who tried to love me for that very same reason. I believed that loving someone was just making myself vulnerable to being hurt. If I loved nobody, then nobody could hurt me.

Well . . I was wrong, and being afraid of love is wrong too. Love is what makes us human. Love can heal all wounds. Being hurt is a risk that is taken, but a life with no love is a truly sad life. I now believe that it’s much better to love and lose than to never love at all. Once you give your heart to someone and they give it back to you, you are able to see life in a whole new light. Your life has meaning now . . You actually matter to someone and they matter to you. Even if it’s only for a short time, it’s truly what makes life special . . and I would never want to give that up.

Time is the key to letting your heart and body heal. It doesn’t take an instant for those feelings of pain and hurt to go away, they have to give it some time.Then the person has to know themselves all over again.They have to know their likes and dislikes. They have to take time for themselves. They have to know what activities they like to do. Also if they have high expectations of a person, they have to let that go. There’s no such thing as perfect. You make it perfect. Then you’ll see the beauty of it all . .

It will take time for people to overcome their fear of love. It is not a very fast process. But to help themselves along, they have to let go of their fear of love. They have to give love another chance. They have to find themselves again, lose the insecurity, and relax. No one wants to be unloved and alone for the rest of their lives. They have to accept that when love comes along, fear is never too far behind. But don’t let that fear overcome that love.

Always remember . . . love conquers all.