The Flaming Lips – Do You Realise ?

“Do you realize, everyone you know some day will die” —  Not an obvious idea to present in a pop song and I never thought such a sentiment could sound so joyous, but it amazingly worked incredibly well for this song. Presented as a sweet, necessary reminder of mortality required in order for you to truly appreciate your life and the people around you, it combined space age sonics with heartfelt emotion without being cheesy.

Oddly, as the Flaming Lips get stranger and stranger, they’ve been embraced more and more by the pop mainstream. But this song sure is a lot of fun. Beautiful and unique in a musical way, it’s indeed a warm, heart-swellingly, truly well written masterpiece of the highest degree. No doubt, this is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

This song is about celebrating joy and taking it to transcendent levels, though always with the wise knowledge that death is close. The lyrics are a reminder to pause & realize that everyone must live life for today since there is no guarantee of a tomorrow.

And of how we shouldn’t put off telling the people around us that we love them or recognizing the beauty and good in the mundane of everyday life. For life is indeed fragile and we have no idea when our journey or the journey of the people closest to us will end.

The lyrics, albeit simple, have profound meaning to many people & have become a permanent concert staple for the band. As for the weird music vid, well, what can I say?

It’s truly funny of how a song about the fragility of life has an elephant & several hot chicks in nightgowns dancing in slow motion. And of course there is little or no link at all between the well written lyrics & the visually stimulating music video.

And you cant help but wonder why. Until of course, as the song went off the 90 sec mark, you’ll see two giant white rabbits in the background, accompanying the singer wherever he go. Hmmmmmmm.

Those who get it, good for you.