If you have ever wished to be more than who you are right now, there is a universal truth about each and every one of us which you need to know: You are already the person you want to be. Read that again and realize the deeper implications.

  • You are already the person you wish you were. Honestly.
  • You are already beautiful.  You chose whether to hide behind shaggy hair and dumpy clothing or dress to accent your assets
  • You are already talented. You chose whether to fine tune your personal skills or let them go to waste.
  • You are already sexy. You chose when and how to express it … or repress it.
  • You are already motivated. You chose what path you want to pursue
  • You are already generous. You chose when to give and whom to wisely withhold from.
  • You are already loved. You chose whether or not to accept it
  • You are already loving, smart, courageous, intuitive, moral, passionate & successful.
  • You are already all of these things. You were born with all the bare essentials of what you need to become the person you wish you were. What you do with these things is up to you.

It is amazing that everyone else can see how awesome you are, but you just blow those things off and focus only on all the things you’re not. We all have bad things in our lives . . things that we think are a barrier to our success or happiness.

It’s just another part of life, but before you let those things defeat you, consider this: Joy has no meaning without pain to give it definition.

Peace has no value to someone who has not experienced strife. Courage cannot exist without fear. Without Darkness, there is no definition for Light . . . The “bad” things you don’t like about yourself need to be honored for the value they give to all those “good” and wonderful aspects of your personality.

You create yourself every moment of every day. If you don’t like who you were yesterday; the things you said or the choices made – it’s okay!

You have the opportunity to change those things today.  You have the power to change your life, simply by choosing to do so and following through on that decision each and every day.

So, make the decision and start being the person you are.