I was relaxing one corner
When I spot a hot chick from far
I smiled and passed her my number
My love story starts with Minah
Minah’s a girl I barely knew
But one bad day I strayed a shot
Within the weeks her tummy grew
So off we went to tie the knot
Wanted a wedding by the block
But Minah’s mum said, “So low class?”
“I want grand music and a jock”
“And make sure the venue’s five stars!”
Hotel banquets and high dowry
Just so that others will envy
My credit card runs on empty
But hell, at least Minah’s happy
When minahs be somebody’s wife
They keep no watch on their damn rice
Barely a year of blissful life
My dearest mate grew twice her sizeOne day she said “House feels empty!”
“Did you not promise a good life?”
“I want a big Plasma TV”
So owe to Courts, husband and wife

Then Minah grew fat and lazy
She starts a craving for a car
One day she marched up right to me
“Sayang, I want a Toyota!”

But I tell her I’ve cash no more
My bank account’s right to the floor
She said, “Sayang, we can borrow”
“Installment plans, cash down zero!”

Minah is now proud and happy
With lots to show off to her friends
But they know not the reality
We’re hanging on to our wits’ ends

My minah wife now makes me low
With nothing more left to adore
A husband joy turns to sorrow
Fret not, I’ve got space for three more

Note :  This is just a satirical poem that jabs at the vexations of our society.
If you find this to be offensive, perhaps you may find a more suitable reading here

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