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When you meet someone and begin a relationship, that big question will eventually come up. Is this someone that I actually love, or is this just another person that I am attracted to, enjoy being with, and am spending time with for now?

The emotions of “falling in love” are such pleasant ones that we may want to believe that they are signs of really loving someone. We also want to believe that they will go on forever, if we just stay with the person that is sparking such intensity and happiness. But, this is not the case.

There is no relationship that stays in that initial place of falling in love forever. Eventually, that simmers down and the relationship becomes something more secure, more stable, and at times, more boring. People who commit to the long term in their relationships, such as those who marry, with the thought that there will never come a day that “falling in love” ends and living by love begins are usually in for a very big surprise.

It may even come as a disappointment or something of an irritating and aggravating disturbance for them. This might play a huge part in the high divorce rates today. Many couples enter marriage in love only to find that maybe there wasn’t that deep and committed love that they thought they had.

They aren’t prepared for real life to set in, and it always does. For some, the emotional and exciting phase may last longer than for others, but it will come at some point.

When you really love someone, there will be an enormous difference from when you are just feeling that “falling in love” emotion. One of the easiest ways to indicate that you love someone is where your interests lie and what you are willing to do to ensure that they are met.

When you love someone and think of spending your life with him or her, your thoughts will go to what you want to give to or do for that individual. Otherwise, you may spend much of your time thinking about what that person has to offer you. Of course, we all think of those things, but which one are you thinking about more often?

Loving someone takes more than feelings, it takes action. Love is what keeps a person going to work, even to a second job if necessary, to ensure that you are provided for and taken care of. The person who is loving as an act of the will goes out to make an income even when he or she is tired or not feeling particularly well.

Love is what keeps a person faithful even when things aren’t perfect in the relationship because they understand the hurt that an act of infidelity would bring to their partner and they would never want that to happen.

It is this love in action that has a person making dinner when they’d rather just sit down at the end of the day and watch television. Love is literally work. It pays well, but the payment is not always as immediate as the falling in love payment seems to be.

When you really love someone, you will put his or her needs and desires ahead of your own. This doesn’t mean that none of your goals or dreams will be fulfilled. The beauty of finding that special person that you love and who loves you is that he or she will also want to see your needs and desires met.

It is a wonderful life of give and take that true love will bring to the two of you. Sometimes, you might be the one giving more, but other times, your partner will be.

This is how love endures and it is an amazing gift when you find it.