Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks 

Of Monsters and Men are a six piece indie & folk band from Iceland and the 2010 winners of a nation wide battle of the bands competition in their country. The band has had major success in the US with this song, the hippie influenced “Little Talks” and “Lionheart”. In August last year, this song debuted on international radio and quickly went into heavy rotation due to an overwhelmingly positive response. And as they say, the rest is history.

The song combines beautiful songwriting with a remarkable melody to produce a song of a crippled relationship. The song opens with a catchy melody voiced by brass instruments. Initially, it gives the impression of a happy and upbeat song, but a closer look at the lyrics reveals that its true theme is quite the opposite.

It tells the story of a couple struggling with the woman’s doubts about their relationship, most likely backed by a form of anxiety or mental illness. The man and woman argue their thoughts in the form of a duet throughout the entire song, except for the chorus and bridge, where they sing in unison the emotions they share. The man is overwhelmed by the idea that the woman is changing in such a way that he cannot recognize her anymore. He is fighting the fact that no matter how hard he tries, he cannot convince her to snap out of her delusion.

The woman realizes a negative change in herself, and attributes it to the relationship without considering the idea that it may stem from psychological issues. The song reaches an emotional peak when the buildup in the bridge arrives at the words – “I’ll see you when I fall asleep” suggesting that they may not be perfect for each other in this world, but they’ll be united after death. The song then ends with a repeat of the chorus where they ultimately realize the state of their now concluded relationship.

This video is beautiful and indescribable, just like good art should be. The song is also catchy and uplifting, and when paired with the dark subject matter of the video achieves a zen like balance. This song simply know how to keep your spirits up. Juxtaposed with horns and chants, the music video takes you into a fancifully dark wonderland, becoming more and more bizarre and addicting with each reprise. If you realise and listen closely, “Little Talks” sounds a bit similar to another popular recently – made hippie song that I’ve posted here before, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero’s “Home” but without the kitsch.

I am so, so in love with this song. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve had it on repeat. The lyrics are deeply written which left me trying to interpretate this song countless times and find the meaning behind it. And I’m not really sure whether my interpretation above is correct or not, for when I checked online, everyone got their own interpretation and views of it.

But one thing me and most of them will surely agree on, is that this song is beautiful and truly magnificient. The video is just as deep and amazing. Reminiscent of a short film, music videos like this remind us viewers to always leave a little room for imagination.

This is simply one of those songs whose music video is as popular as its song. Well, the song is indeed a blast, and the video is an adventure, and there is reason why everyone is talking about it. And they will definitely continue doing so in time to come. Because it deserves to be.

I’m hooked to this song for life.