This is Ms Vanida Imran, a malaysian actress.

This is to me, the last of the proper malay women of them all. She’s a natural beauty, humble, soft spoken, intelligent, a career woman, yet a devoted mum of two, can recite the holy book very well, respect and loved her parents alot. She had long jet black hair and never dyed her hair unless her roles strictly required her to do so. In all of her 15 yrs of acting, she has never landed herself in tabloid magazines for the wrong reasons. Not even once. Which is kinda impressive to me.

Even If you google her name, the only and best result of her so called “infamy”  was a picture of her wearing a low cut dress, that also for a photoshoot for her role as a murderous call girl (GRO) in a malay movie. Apparently she carried herself very well. You don’t see that kind of malay woman anymore that often these days.

The other one which impressed me also is singer Siti Nurhaliza, the queen of Malaysia’s music scene.

Siti_Nurhaliza_-_Khairul_Fahmi's_Wedding_2013 (Custom)

Before her marriage, she was the one to beat. She’s too perfect. No gossips, no tabloids, no revealing outfit. Religious, staying humble despite her miraculous feats and numerous awards, no dyed hair . . And even till now she continued that streak. She has been listed as one of Malaysia’s richest, most-influential, most award-winning, most single-produced artists. Like Vanida, this is her 15th year in showbiz and to maintain that kind of reputation is impressive for a woman.

Her only mistake, was to marry an older man, 20 years her senior. It caused criticisms and uproar since she is going to marry a 47-year old divorcee with four sons. But after that, its all back to normal. No more gossips or news column for wrong reasons. But if you ask me personally, I’d choose Miss Vanida over her anytime. Both are total package (Beauty + Brains + Body) . . But Vanida got the alluring X factor, to me . . But then again, what impresses me most is that even though these two malay women are both succesful and beautiful, the manner they carry themselves are wonderful.

As a man, I’ve always respected and looked up to good women.  Its not easy being good in this modern times. But as evident, its very much possible.