This will come as a huge disappointment to all those idealistic young people with starry eyes and hopeful hearts, but no, that Utopian state of “happily ever after” is not to be found on Earth.

Think about it. When you were a child, and your parents ruled your world, you couldn’t wait to grow up. You thought then, you’d be as free as a bird, free to soar like an eagle and to do all the activities you were prevented from doing because other people considered you “too young”.

The teenage years brought a little more freedom, but also little bit more of responsibility for you. The load of studying + homework + exams increased and it was difficult to cope and there was never enough money to buy items you considered absolute necessities, but your Mom and Dad still called the shots because they paid the bills, and you were probably reminded many times, they weren’t ” made of money ” . . .  Hahaha . .

So, like most young people you thought – ” Just wait until I finish school and get a job. I’ll get my own income, spend my own money the way I want to, and have a blast !! ”

However, the early twenties weren’t perfect either. You might have been out on your own, but the bills & responsbilities took up most of your salary. You were probably into the dating scene, but you found out it’s not easy to find the partner of your dreams. Your probably had your heart broken a few times and you learned that cooking, washing and cleaning for yourself was not fun.

And you thought –  ” Just wait until I find my prince / princess or my soul mate. We’ll get married, buy a little house, start a family and live happily ever after ”

Nope, you’re wrong again.

The little house had annoying neighbors and always needed some repair or renovation. And the prices of houses these days would definitely put you in debt, a task that would take years to clear and alot of headaches to overcome. The children came with dirty diapers, worrisome illnesses, school problems, and seemingly endless whining and complaints, a sort of miniature replicas of yourself as a child.

Your soul mate might put on a little weight, may not carry their fair share of the load of housework or may expect things from the relationship you’re not prepared to give. And over time, the feeling towards your partner may just disappear, as evident by the number of divorces these days. But remaining married to one person can definitely not be considered really “happily ever after”. It takes a lot of effort, hard work & dedication these days.

And you finally think –  “Just wait until the kids are grown up. We’ll recapture the romance we used to enjoy . . we’ll retire, we’ll enjoy our grandchildren, we’ll travel,  we’ll cash in our investments and finally be able to enjoy life. Oh yes, we’ll live happily ever after ”

Somehow, more often than not, it never seems to work out that way. There may be elderly parents who need care, one of the children loses a job and needs your financial help, either you or your spouse may develop a chronic illness and not be able to enjoy retirement as much as you both had hoped.

So rest assured, it won’t be “happily ever after”. But of course, there will be islands of joy and fun along the way, but “happily ever after” simply does not exist in this life.

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, first and foremost, no matter how happy we really are, if we were to be left without any outside affecting ideas, we will be led by our innate nature to the fact that this universe indeed has a Creator. This call of innate primordial nature is what has been implanted in humans, it is what our souls calls us to believe in and submit to.

If we were perfectly happy here, then we would have no real need of God right? And most likely when we’re happy, we tend to forget Him and only remember Him in troubled times. We all know that’s the sad truth right? Cuz it has happened one too many times already. For we are only humans. We all make mistakes.

But then again, as mere mortals and humans, we always do need something to pray for . . whether it’s a new resolution, good health, good marks for an exam, a suitable job, a loving spouse, to have good natured children and also for a long and happy life.

Yup, indeed, we all do pray for a long and happy life . . That’s what we humans have always wanted right? That’s the real wealth we all need. Therefore we actually have to constantly pray to God to grant us everlasting happiness and life.

Truth be told, there are many other things that we can’t achieve on our own. We need His constant guidance, love and of course, His permission. And sometimes, God will give put us through a tough and lean spell in life just to test our faith and to make us remember that He do, after all exist.

Yes, we weren’t meant to be perfectly happy on earth but if we manage to manoeuvre all of life’s pitfalls and temptations successfully, if we love God above all things, if we ask with faith for what we need and accept with humility and gratitude what God sends, then we have a good chance of living happily ever after in the next life.

The joy of living in Heaven for all eternity. That’s the real deal.

And that, ladies & gentlemen . . is where “happily ever after” can really be found.