The root cause of society’s ills is how we deal with education. Deep down we all know this, but for decades we have barely lifted a finger to address it. The main reason for this inaction is because most of us are ourselves products of this sometimes defective system. We have been programmed for obedience.

The degree of indoctrination that we are exposed to varies depending on the intensity of the totalitarian nature of the state. All centralized institutions indoctrinate. All centralized powers lack transparency. All centralized information is incontestable.

The award winning Iranian short film, Babak Anwari’s Two & Two is not only an allegory for the absurdness of dictatorship and tyranny, but also about society in general…and the resilience of the human spirit.


Yes, please learn this to be the truth, it is after all common sense. Do not question that two plus two equals five. Brainwashing works. Propaganda works. Applying the right force or threat of force and you too would likely agree that the answer is five. Especially frightening when the indoctrination starts at a young age.

Critical thinking, questioning, going against the crowd or authority/adults is hard, very hard. The film shows however that they can’t win them all, there is always hope, that little spark they didn’t manage to put out can flourish into a huge flame when the right time and opportunity comes.

Strong, powerful, and brutal but at the same time very true and relatable. Brilliant handling of a sensitive issue with honest simplicity and approach towards a very dark reallity.