If Muhammad Ali could be an inspiration to that dork aka Donald Trump, then you know we’re talking about a special person. It’s not like this man constantly popped up in pop culture like other charismatic athletes who became movie stars and commercial spokesmen.

Ali managed to invade pop culture through sheer talent and force of personality. When you say “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” just about every person in the western world knows the reference.

Just about every man, woman and child has seen this photo:


Ali was a fighter and that’s his legacy. Not just his talent in the ring, but his spirit outside as well. The man never met a challenge that intimidated him, whether it was Sonny Liston or the Draft Board.

It’s a rare human being who would give up his top of the world status for a personal belief. Ali became hated by a huge segment of the population for fighting the Vietnam draft. Many of that hate was rooted in blatant racism, but not all.

Some simply saw his refusal to involuntarily serve as a spit in the face of America and could only surmise it was a cowardly act when it was the farthest thing from it.

Ali was and always will be a legendary icon. He was charmingly egotistical, but had a massive heart. You could tell he felt deeply for his fellow man and there are some insane examples of this that we’ve seen, like video of Ali talking a jumper off the ledge in 1981 or surprising kids (you gotta see some of the videos below of these encounters).

Between his colorful quips, tongue-in-cheek vanity and unquestionable skill at everything he ever set out to do it’s hard to argue that Muhammad Ali was a towering figure in the lives of tens of millions, if not billions, of people.

He was a man who talked the talk and also walked the walk. He was a man you wanted to believe in, a born leader that did good for so many people.

I’ll leave you with his own words below on how he’d like to be remembered. This once again proves that nobody could talk about Muhammad Ali better than Muhammad Ali himself.


Thanks for everything, Champ.

Wherever you are now, rumble, young man, rumble.