Bon Jovi – Fingerprints

Released in August last year, this track is taken from their latest album, Burning Bridges, made specifically for their fans. Absolutely amazing combination of the melody and the masterclass in songwriting that touches you.

How many of us started to think about that someone to whom we gave our fingerprints?

I have friends or relatives that are of my age that are still single & every time i saw them being asked on why they are, or when they wanna find someone new, their awkward smile or response in avoiding an honest answer says it all.

Sometimes, someone came & they left their ‘fingerprints’ so firmly on him/her that no matter how they wanna move on, they cant. Everybody got their own shoes to bear, so if you can’t get in theirs, least is to be mindful & hope that one day they do find it.

The story touches our deepest feelings and memories and this is what makes most of their music so close to my heart. I am in continuous awe of how even after all these years, they still produce music that motivates, inspires, touches, and moves the soul.

I cannot believe that they never get the respect they deserved. I am not sure what so called music is today anymore, but thank God literally for this man and his band.

Another great one from Bon Jovi. Thanks guys.