Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY won an Oscar. One of the finest actors of our time and each performance he gave is totally captivating. The Revenant was a also superb masterclass in storytelling and acting.

To be fair, Leonardo DiCaprio also says that winning the awards is not why he does it. While even he admits to speaking in cliches, he says that creating the art of cinema is the ultimate goal. He wants to be able to look back on his career and be proud of the things that he has made.

He’s certainly been able to achieve that goal so far. DiCaprio has been in a slew of great films, which have been nominated for, and won, a number of awards, whether he did or not.

While everybody views art differently it’s hard to argue that Leonardo Dicaprio is not a great artist. Congrats Leo, may you act and make further awesome movies with your talents.