And so, today marks the frenzied day where all geeks and sci-fi lovers unite in unison and awe to one of the world’s longest running franchise and beloved series, Star Wars, made its anticipated return to the big screen.

The Force Awakens is the seventh installment in the main Star Wars film series. Sold out tickets and nostalgic mania ensues. People around the internet pleading for others not to post spoilers of the blockbuster. Me?

I cant be bothered by the whole chaos truthfully…though i watched all six films spread  over the course of my childhood, adolescence and adult life. They seemed ‘ok’ for me, didn’t find it fantastic or incredibly wowed by them.

The only reason i would watch the new one is probably due to the nostalgic need to know what happens next in the series and to see what the fucking hype is all about.

Never did i remember keeping or buying any toys or memorabilia from the series, though in the past, the inner child in me liked the idea owning an original red light-saber and duel with those in blue. But the price always puts me off.

I chose red cause i relate and aligned myself to that of the character of Darth Vader. Episode 1 – 6, he was a central and pivotal figure in all. A victim of circumstance, he started good, then joined the dark side, finally redeemed himself in the end. Its pretty sad that the character will no longer be around for part 7.

If this franchise is new to you and you have no prior experience or knowledge of its existence whatsoever, fret not. Here is a character guide for dummies that will serve as an introductory void. Enjoy the movie folks.