Paolo Nutini – These Streets

You know what? This album is good. This song is good. You wanna know something else? Paolo Nutini absolutely, without a doubt, rocks, only in a really quiet sort of way.

He needs nothing other than his gently strummed acoustic guitar to make with the rock, because he can enthrall you with his voice, compelling you to lie on your bed and waste away hours just listening to him sing your troubles away.

It may be a worn cliché but, trust me now, isn’t that really what music is for?

Loved how this song was written with open interpretation to embrace different listeners’ and their perspectives. From getting older to staying in a different side of the country, to the new roles & responsibilities, journeying to different places together, meeting new people, etc.

“These streets, have too many names for me
I’m used to Glenfield road and
Spending my time down in Orchy

I’ll get used to this eventually, I know”

Co-existing with all of these, its so much different to the time when i was kid growing up, where it was much more straight forward.

Still getting used to it, but the fulfillment they bring, is pretty much more than any words could say.