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Awesome Covers 

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and musicians aren’t shy about covering songs that they admire. Cover songs have been popular in the world of rock ‘n’ roll since, well, the beginning of the word of rock ‘n’ roll.

Originally, cover songs often carried a negative connotation — they were seen as a less talented and successful act “stealing” the superior work of the composer to make a quick buck — but these days, they are typically recognized as one artist paying homage to another in a show of admiration.

Yes of course, the argument that the original is always better is pretty much true in most cases. But sometimes, a cover version do occasionally turn out to be equally popular. Below are the five cover renditions of famous songs.

1. Halestorm – Empire State Of Mind

Lzzy Hale and her band does not only screamed, rocked and sung her way into Lady Gaga, Heart, and ACDC among other but she also got the balls, or in Lzzy’s case, got the guts, to cover Guns & Roses and also Judas Priest.

And yes, they also did Skid Row’s Slave to the Grind. And she sounded pretty good, considering the fact that covering Sebastian Bach at his prime definitely isnt for the weak. It was one of those covers that took a badass original and and made it more badass.

Hands down, she’s one of the best female rock vocalist of her generation. Enjoy this cover of Jay Z’s popular song below. I know you’ll love it.

2. Smith & Myers – Someone Like You

The duo of Smith & Myers was born out of an online contest held by rock band Shinedown. After succesfully and awesomely covering the song Simple Man by Lynrd Skynrd and Carole King’s I Feel the Earth Move not too long ago, the group put a call out to their fans asking them what songs they’d like to hear the band cover.

Startled by the huge response on their website, lead singer Brent Smith and guitarist Zach Myers eventually narrowed down the list of submissions, settling on ten songs that would be recorded very simply with just acoustic guitar and vocal.

Calling the project Smith & Myers, the duo laid down renditions of songs as varied as Pearl Jam (“Black”), Metallica (“Nothing Else Matters”), The Black Crowes (“She Talks to Angels”), Soul Asylum (“Runaway Train”).

For this cover, I have to agree – nobody can sing it as good as Adele. Its a great song to showcase strong vocals, which Brent Smith can really provide. And he tweaked the lyrics to put the song’s perspective to that of a guy so that we men can enjoy it as well.

3. Ben Haenow – Hotel Carlifornia

Hey now. This 2014 X factor eventual winner took an already legendary song during and performed it flawlessly in his own rendition to earn the hearts and votes of millions.

Ben massively impressed when he performed his version of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ at the room audition, with his husky voice instantly having him labeled as a ‘rocker’ by the judges.

He then sang Rolling Stones’ Wild Horses during his second round audition with so much feel and raw emotion that I got goosebumps.

He continued to win us over with his massively humble personality and flawless vocals, following his bootcamp performance of ‘Hotel California’, which he managed to sing while acting like he was BFFs with practically everyone in the studio.

And to top it off, during the Judges House round, he sang The Beatles’ With a Little Help, and when i heard and saw the performance, I remembered I blurted out loudly in my mind – this guy not only got a good voice, but he had a ear for music and know how to pull it off in different renditions of it. He sang four classic songs awesomely, he should win it.

And win it, he did.

4. All About That Bass – Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams

Who could forget Haley Reinhart vocal prowess when she sang Led Zeppelin with her dad playing the guitar on American Idol. Remember their jazzy duet in Idol that kinda made the earth move?.

After the show wrapped up, Haley & Casey play together quite a bit so I guess it shouldn’t be a real surprise that they have this kind of stage chemistry as well. I’ve always wondered how come they are not a couple esp after this cute holiday festive song.

When i saw this on u-tube, I know i had to give it a view and listen. To see why would they choose to cover an awful song. And how they they will sound singing this. Not surprisingly, its a good cover, better than the original (duh). Way way better.

Haley gives the song a jazzy, flirty interpretation, while Casey works his magic with the upright. To me, these two American Idol alumni are still a strange pairing, but at the same time they work together seamlessly.

The best part of this is….it looks absolutely effortless. Like they’re just hangin, screwin around, Casey pluckin’ at his stand up bass and Haley just, you know, casually belting out ridiculous vocals. A super fun performance!

5. Scott Bradlee – Sweet Child O Mine

And speaking of musicians, Scott is a musician, pianist, composer, and arranger. About two years ago, he and some fellow musicians formed Postmodern Jukebox, a rotating group of musicians producing covers of pop songs in the styles of soul, jazz, ragtime, and swing. modern songs in vintage ’20s to ’70s styles.

He invited relatively unknown or less popular singers as guest acts to front the vocals and a fine jib they sure did. The performance of their covers posted on his youtube channel went viral.

I shall not link more songs from these musicians cuz it will be an uphill task to choose. Most of them are standouts in their own rights. So, check out their channel to listen and view more.

Several artists have publicly noted their appreciation for the group’s work. I never get tired of hearing them. One amazing cover after the other.

They covered Rude my Magic and made it so awesome that the original song just doesn’t sound the same anymore. The talent oozes from these artists.

This is what musicians are. And this is what music should be.