Elle King – Ex’s & Oh’s

Meet Elle King, the man eatin’, shit talkin’ spitfire of your dreams…or nightmares. It’s hard to put this singer in a box as her music is a mix of rock, soul, folk, jazz and country.

She got the kind of forceful vocals and fast-picking deftness on the banjo that force a listener to sit up and take notice, but it’s the party-hard nature of her live performances and her biting, candid lyrics that continually leave listeners wondering what she’ll say (well, sing) next.

After signing to RCA a few years ago, the raspy blues rocker kicked off her major label career with a self-titled EP in 2012, which included a song called Playing For Keeps. The song was eventually used as the theme of Mob Wives: Chicago, as well as a Mad Men campaign. Therefore, it went big.

After two years and a lot of media buzz , Elle’s now locked and loaded with her big ol’ single from her forthcoming debut: “Ex’s & Oh’s,” her most defining and ambitious release to date, a gritty ode to ex-lovers and their annoying cling-on habits.

The smoky retro sound will draw you into another realm and deliver the soundtrack while you’re there. Her voice compliments her smoky, shimmering glare, her eyes so knowingly staring into you and providing a compelling, scintillating performance. And it’s okay to admit what gritty thoughts stir, because she not only gets it, she’s written a song about it.

“I wrote this song with my friend and instead of it being a whole song about some guy I was an a–hole to, I made a nice little collection, so I wasn’t kidding when I said a lot of people are going to be mad at me, this is a story basically about the past two years of boyfriends and trying to be a better person and clean my act up. And that’s never gonna happen…so this is “Ex’s & Oh’s” Elle said of her album’s debut single.

The tune includes a healthy dose of King’s usual wit set to an catchy, strong beat and backed by a twangy stomp, the track is loaded with sassy zingers (“They always wanna cum, but they never wanna leave”) and powerful Janis Joplin & Crystal Bowersox like chops and howling hooks that ought to appeal to any true lover of music.

It’s ballsy, brash and profoundly unapologetic. Her voice is insanely powerful — and she just happens to be hilarious too.

And if all that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, give this playlist below a spin. Oh, did i also mention that she’s Rob Schneider’s daughter?