Mice trapped in a cage, scampering away
Rushing to get out
Is there a way ??
Mice trapped in a cage, scampering away

They are not ants, nor bees. They are not a colony
A group of mice . . Agreed on a role
To lead the others . . Out of the cage
Every mice jumped on board
Dream of the future. Lying ahead of them

Freedom !! . . The leaders said

Not backing down . . Pressing on ahead
March On !! . . The leaders said
Tirelessly, full of hope
The steel cage. Sturdy, resistant, standing tall
Push now . . Push now . . Don’t give up
At Last !! . . Freedom !! . . The leaders said

The leaders . . Love being leaders
Worried and panic . . . Leaders no more
We’ve got to do something !! . . The leaders said
Control! Control! Freedom! Freedom! Loyal!

They stayed loyal to their leaders
Civilised mice you say
Brainwashed mice I say
Rules set up. Conditioning on the way
50 years later. Zombie mice.

Do as you are told. Never say never
Do as you are told. Freeze your mind
Stop dreaming. Stop thinking
Be the same.

Freedom ?? . . . . Where is?