These two songs and videos come hand in hand together and it tells a story.  It’s awesome and therefore, I have to include them both together today. Check out this album and songs.


The song features Brent Smith of Shinedown on lead vocals.
“I’m so confused, so hard to choose.
Between the pleasure and the pain.
And I know it’s wrong, and I know it’s right.
Even if i try to win the fight, my heart would overwhelm my mind.
And I’m not strong enough to stay away”
Similar to many great love songs, the song describes the emotion and conflict of being in love. It’s contradictory and irrational for the ‘outside’ world, but love is not rational. The point i really wanted to make is that it doesn’t need to necessarily have to be a bad relationship, the main factor is how much in love the singer is with this person, that alone is enough to torture him.
The fact that he cannot set any boundaries in the relationship…he would do anything for this person and acknowledging this is torturing him…an analogy is a morally sound person falling this deeply in love with a beautiful person that is married, the conflict of his moral belief’s and his love..and the subject of the song, the emotional surrender to love that is not right…
Then came part II

Featuring the awesome vocals of Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf.

“Oh I’ve gotta turn and run
From faces that you never see
Oh I’ve gotta save my blood
From all that you’ve broken
And pack up these pieces of me

It’s too late now to stop the process
This was your choice – you let it in
This double life you lead is eating you up from within
A thousand shards of glass you pushed beneath my skin
And left me lying there to bleed

And as you showed me your scars
I only held you closer
But as the light in you went dark I saw you turn over
I wanted always to be there for you and close to you
But I’m losing this
And I’m losing you”

Does anyone else get reminded of the Phantom of the Opera when listening to the lyrics to this song, it fits it almost to a tee. For example: the Phantom fell in love with Christine after hearing her beautiful voice and when Christine first goes into the Phantom’s house/cave she is surrounded by mirrors.

Over time, she realizes that he’s not as perfect as she had originally thought. Hmmmmmm!