– An imaginary short story –


Superman is being honored on a TV show which is similar to the former “This Is Your Life” program. Each guest who is interviewed is allowed to ask the Chief Guest who is being honored (who in this case is Superman) one question. Guest Lois Lane question is; “Why won’t you marry me?”….Superman explains, for the millionth time, that the life of his wife would be in danger.

The masquerading host of the show turns out to be a diabolical alien, whose warped cruel alien sense of humour impels him to shine a twin ray on Superman & Lois, which permanently switches Superman’s super-powers to Lois. The unmasked alien easily keeps away angered now non-super Superman with one hand held against Superman’s chest, and he plucks out Kent garments and glasses from the pouch of Superman’s cape, forcing them on Superman and revealing Kent is Superman.

Lois super manhandles the alien with her new super-powers, in attempt to get him to return the switched powers back to Superman…but the alien darts into a flight machine which materialises and machine disappears, whisking him away, forever.

Lois dons super costume from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and searches universe and other dimensions, fighting off various menaces and doing super good deeds while trying to find the perpetrator of the super switch, but she fails.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent is getting fed up with sympathy from well wishes and cruel barbs from acid tongued people who had envied Superman.

Some gangsters try to rub out normal Clark Kent in retaliation for his having captured and jailed them, years ago, when he was Superman. They corner him in an alley. Super-Lois arrives in time to save the life of Clark, with her super-powers, and she captures the crooks.

The tables have now changed. Lois begins a super courtship of the non-super Clark Kent. She happily says there is no reason why he can’t marry her now.

Super-Lois secretly helps Clark score more scoops, so as to save his pride, but he isn’t fooled. He complains that she is undermining his manliness. She says she won’t pester him anymore.

Clarks quit his job, goes to another city, to get away from her and begins a new life. Clark regrets his desire to forget the past, including her. (But he can’t keep Superman out of his dreams.) Clark keeps reading about Super-Lois’ feats ….and he finds he greatly misses her. He can’t eat, he can’t sleep….he misses her terribly. At last, he can’t take it anymore. He goes on a campaign to make amends and win the heart of the miffed Super-Lois….he pursues her avidly, as he has at one time avoided her.

He begs her to marry him. She accepts. The whole world is thrilled when Super-Lois marries Clark Kent in a public ceremony attended by dignitaries and friends.

The newlyweds are very happy. He resumes his job in Metropolis. But, in evenings, he frequently complains because Super-Lois is away so often on super-missions. She now benefits mankind with her super-powers, as Superman used to.

Clark finds to his dismay that he is getting jealous of his wife. He, who had once been the mighty Superman, is now….nothing, the has-been husband of the great Super-Lois. He tries to overcome his unfair jealousy, but as Lois shows him trophies she has won for great deeds, he explodes, berates her…cant’s she possibly imagine how he feels?

She sobs she’s sorry. They make up.

But Clark Kent, the man who had once been Superman, keeps brooding over his lost might. He feels he isn’t worthy of Super-Lois.

Then Lex Luthor, who Super-Lois has been almost nabbing, does some dirty work. Luthor deliberately lures a super-powered man from another world who calls himself Mighty Man into pursuing Luthor. Then Luthor lures Super-Lois into danger, and the handsome Mighty Man saved Lois. Luthor is captured….but he had misled Mighty Man into making him smitten with Lois. Thus Mighty Man begins a romantic super-pursuit of Super-Lois.

Lois, a happily married woman, resents it. And though she feels an undeniable attraction for the Mighty Man, who is everything that un-super Clark isn’t, she loves Clark and demands Mighty man cut it out. He sneers that Clark isn’t worthy of her…she deserves someone equally mighty such as Mighty Man.

In prison, Luthor gloats. He knows that someday he will escape prison. He exults over his vengeance, He feels he is manipulating the ruin of the marriage of Super-Lois and Clark Kent…this is his insidious revenge on the former Superman, his once great enemy.

Clark leaves Lois a farewell note. He doesn’t feel worthy of her, now that he hasn’t got any super powers. It was a mistake to marry her. Mighty Man sees the note, and he urges Lois to forget that weakling of a Clark to marry him after shedding Clark. She loses her temper, hurls Mighty Man away into the stratosphere, shouting for him to get lost and stay lost. She loves Clark…she’ll never love anyone but Clark…and she’ll get him back.

Super-Lois self-sacrificingly tries various ways to lose her super powers, so this barrier between her and the man she loves will be removed. All her efforts fail.

She locates, and saves the life of Clark Kent from a near accident. Instead of being happy about it, it only makes him more conscious of his inferiority. Super-Lois begs Clark to please not let her super-powers be a barrier between them. To forget his stupid feelings of thwarted male superiority…please, please let them just be together and in love, and to blaze his foolish pride.

Clark realises….either he loves her, or he doesn’t – and he does love her. He tells her that he wants to think about it awhile. If he decides he has been wrong, he will return to their home in Metropolis. Super-Lois promises that if he does, she won’t neglect him so much. Alone, she cries….she doesn’t want to be super…what she really wants is the man she loves….

A week passes by.

Clark walks along the familiar street he used to know, towards his home, their home. He already made up his mind. He realised that he was wrong and decides to change. So what if he is now powerless, that least their love for each other is powerful. He hoped that Lois feels the same way.

Super-Lois saw him walking from her apartment window. She brushes away her tears…and her heart leaps with happiness. She is thrilled to see him, knowing Clark’s powerful love for her has triumphed over his nagging feelings of thwarted male superiority. She was ecstatic. She smiled at him.

Clark smiled back.

Black-hearted Luthor, who has escaped from prison a week ago and is now disguised as a patrolling policeman, guns down Clark from point blank range, killing him. Luthor then tries to escape in a stolen police car.

Lois screamed.

Super-Lois disregards jubilant Luthor as she flew as fast as she could and kneels over Clark’s body. She tearfully and broken-heartedly takes the man she loves in her arms…the man who had once been invulnerable to bullets or harm of any kind.

Luthor’s car, as other police-cars arrived and gave high speed chase, goes out of control, cracks up and goes up in flames together with the revenged criminal…

Indeed, revenge is a not a dish best served cold.


Later, widowed Super-Lois sits in the Fortress of Solitude, numbly disregarding distress signals from scanner devices. She has decided to give up her crusade in behalf of humanity…she has no heart for it anymore. She sobs, blaming herself for the death of Clark…

Superman had been RIGHT. Superman for years had refused to marry Lois, because he was afraid it would imperil her life. In her indirect selfishness, her craving for the marriage, she has disregarded the danger to the life of the non-super Clark Kent and had bullheadedly married him. Now he is dead…dead…dead…and it is all her fault. If only, just as Superman had refused to marry Lois, Super-Lois had had the will-power not to marry the man she loved and endanger his existence. But now it’s too late, and she will have to live with the horror of this wrong decision, forever.

But then, she numbly sights a distress-signal. A crying baby is lost in the woods and wild dogs are ferociously closing in on the helpless child.  Super-Lois hurtles into action…no, no, she’d been wrong in her decision to abandon her super-crusading. Her beloved, slain Clark would’ve wanted her to continue helping humanity with her super-powers….

Super-Lois crashed into the wild dogs, sending them hurtling aside. She snatches up the baby into the safety of her arms, and flies back towards the city…the baby stops crying and falls asleep in her arms. She kisses the cheek of the sleeping baby.

Yes, Super-Lois will resume her super-crusade, again…because that is what her late husband, who had once been the invincible Man of Steel, would want her to do.