Mocca – The Best Thing

Mocca is an Indonesian four member indie band formed in 1997 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The band’s musical style is inspired by the retro sounds of the 70’s, with influences of swing, bossa nova and jazz. With simple and beautiful songs, all in English, the band gained international popularity in neighbouring countries especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and even to a greater extent, Japan, Korean, Sweden and Holland. Mocca has performed plenty of times and built their fan bases in these countries and their music is truly well received.

This track here, is a feel – good – tune that will simply cheer you up on your sad days. And the sweet vocals and cuteness of its lead singer, Arina Ephipania, will make you warmly falling in love with her instantly. If you do, I don’t blame you. A lot of people do. Especially the Koreans. Take a listen below.


It’s pretty amusing because, despite Asians loving and going ga-ga over Korean Pop, Korean Dramas and all its superstars, the Koreans in turn, took a liking  to this Indonesian band. Apparently so much, that their songs were even used for several Korean movie soundtracks.

Truth is, the cuteness of the lead singer is the main reason on why I was drawn and attracted to this band and its music in the first place. But biased feelings aside, this song really deserved it’s stature to be included on my Song Of The Day segment. For one too many times, it has made me feel happy and estatic by just listening to it. Not many current songs on the radio can gimme that feeling nowadays. Sometimes I value my music more than I value people. For they can do more wonders to me more than people ever did. Therefore if you’re feeling slightly down and humans seem pretty useless in cheering you up (which they do), then this might just be your remedy. Enjoy the song aitez.