I’ve probably said I love you 
About four or five times to four or five different girls
But for the life of me
I can only remember
About two of them
Which says I don’t know
The hell I’m talking about 

That I lied at least two or three times 
Because should I really forget some girl
I said ‘I love you’ to?
That would be wrong
So would saying I love you to
Four or five different people
Because how many people can you love? 

So one for each eye 
Each hand, each ear, each half of my brain
I can share myself to only you
And still be safe I think.
There would be me and her
I would be completely fulfilled 

As each part of me would be 
Most efficiently distributed
Like a fine machine that isn’t wasted
There wouldn’t be a part of me
That would regret being left alone 

Here is my hand, my ear, my arm 
I can see you, feel you, listen to you,
And understand you as best I can
And I would say the same to the other
Not a part of me unused  or left wasted
I would be completely occupied 

And . . what . . oh that . . nevermind that. 
It’s only my heart
Leave that on the table
I can’t split that
No matter how hard I try
Leave it on the table
No one wants that anymore



On the table 
Left beating just a little bit more
Little pulses of life I used to know
Still beats
From a heart ripped from its home
Forgotten because it wasn’t needed anymore
Left to be punished by hands colder than stone 

I breathe shallow breathes 
As I see my passion lying on the table
I can care no more
Seeing as I’m fully occupied I can have it no other way
Leave that beating thing
On the table till it explodes
Expires, deceases, whatever it takes 

I’ve got other things to be worried about 
Other issues I can’t ignore
It’s only emotions
No one needs
Who needs to say I love you and
Mean it anyway
When the only touch I feel is cold.