Curtain Call – Bryan Rice Feat Julie

An underrated song by two relatively unknown singers. Yeah, it’s been quite some time since I posted a great duet on this segment. It’s not that there is a lack of duets out there, but a great duet is indeed scarce and hard to find these days. And when I say duet, I meant two person taking turns singing a song together. Not one person singing and another rapping, which is so common in today’s music context. Bluek.

A famous pop singer in his home country but quite virtually unknown everywhere else, is Danish singer Bryan Rice. His only claim to fame so far is that a song he sung & wrote, “No Promises” was covered and made famous by British X Factor winner Shayne Ward reaching # 2 in the UK charts in 2006. Yeah, no kidding. You can hear his version of that song here . . which to me, is way better that the one sung by Shayne Ward. Well, I could be wrong . . but well, to each his own aitez. Btw, it was just one of those days when I was surfing YouTube (as usual), and I just had finished listen to his version of No Promises and was scrolling and checking out his other songs randomly, when I came across this gem of a duet. Check out the song below.

It captured my attention, and I instantly liked it. After a few times listening to it on repeat, I proceeded to download it and it’s been there in my MP3 player ever since and I think it’s gonna stay there for quite a while. Definitely and affirmative.

For it is a great and beautiful duet with another fellow Danish female singer, Julie Berthelsen who like Bryan Rice, is relatively unknown outside of Denmark. But both singers have great voices and they complimented each other pretty well and when their voices combined, it’s magical. The music video is indeed a simple affair but with a song this awesome, there’s really no need for a fancy vid at all. These kinda songs are the ones that should really be playing at the radio these days instead of all those crap music you hear.

This duet of a song is great in such a way that it makes you concentrate on the words, the melody and the vocal quality of the singers. It stirs emotions in you, moves the body, makes you wanna sing along and when it’s done . . it left you wanting more.

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is what good music all about.