Silkstone – What’s The Reason

The most wonderful thing about surfing and vid hopping on Youtube is that you tend discover gems of songs and vids that you had never came across or heard.

This song is one of them.

Up till three days ago, I had no idea who this band is and what this song is. I was actually watching & listening to a song of one of my favourite female singers, Anneke Van Giersbergen. (Fyi, she has been featured on my Song of the Day for 2 times already, one in a duet and the other one is a solo song of hers). Then while I was vid hopping to her other songs, I suddenly came upon a duet version of her singing this song with another Dutch band called Silkstone.

It literally blew me away. The duet on the ballad version was perfect. The combination of the male and female vocals were spot on. It could be the perfect lullaby. Then I tried to find the original video of this song and for I knew that the original will always be 10 times better than the duet.

And when I heard it, it simply spellbound me.

The vid is simple, the music and lyrics is simple too. But a good song is a good song. There’s just something different bout this song. It appealed to me so much that it got stuck on my mind for the next few days and everytime I got on youtube, I will surely go listen to it. And yes, I go on youtube alot. Like 5 – 6 times daily. While the duet version is more of a lullaby, the original version is simply amazing (if you pay attention to the lyrics) and it makes me feel something emotional inside.   

It felt really good to discover such a gem and to be honest, the first time I heard it, I knew that it would end up in my “Song of the Day”. 

Thank God for Youtube.