Long ago, there was a girl who suffered from a terribly broken heart. It was so badly broken, that she decided to put it in a box, and build a wall around it, so it could no longer be damaged.  She closely guarded this impenetrable fortress for years, warding off any possible intruders with her cold stares, and sharp words.  She did not care whom she pushed away in the process, it was all in self defense.  She did not love, nor did she want to, for fear of losing what fragile pieces of her heart that still remained.

One day a strong and Nobile knight appeared.  He rode in wearing his shining armor and boastfully vowed to repair, and strengthen the heart of the young maiden, promising to then guard it from all others who would attempt to re-break it. Leary, yet intrigued, the girl decided to take a chance, having grown tired of her solitude and loneliness. The knight then began the process of piecing together the puzzle, and indeed over time he did mend her broken heart.

This would be the part where most think the “they lived happily ever after” part would kick in, even i thought so, but in this story, not so.  You see, after the knight repaired the girls heart, he did manage to protect it from the damaging blows from outside forces, but what the girl wasn’t paying attention to, is that the knight was slowly etching, and chipping away at the delicate vessel that he had so fervently rebuilt. Little by little each day this went on, and on.  Slowly grinding away what the girl thought had grown stronger.

One day, the knight revealed his evil ways, and the girl looked and seen with her own eyes what fate had befallen her.  Astonished by what she has seen, she could do nothing but fall to the ground and weep in sorrow.  Why would he work so hard to mend her broken heart, only to turn around and smash it worse than it had ever been before? Why had she not noticed this treachery? How could anyone be as ruthless and uncaring as to what had been done to her?

This was the final blow to her heart. It was here that she again vowed never to let anyone betray her trust. Now and forever would she be alone, because the pain of loneliness was far more soothing than that of betrayal of the highest degree that she was feeling now.  She felt naïve to look back, and now realize where he had been sneaking pieces from all along. Right in front of her he had been filing away at her happiness, slowing stealing it away as so she wouldn’t notice.

What was the response of the Knight to all this mayhem? It was merely a game for his own selfish indulgence. He loved the trust he had gained, and the power he had over her heart. The fact that she loved him so deeply that she couldn’t see what was happening was all the more a rush for him. He admittedly planned and enacted this whole idea just to feel his ego swell at the thought of someone allowing this to occur.  He felt no remorse, and to this day, admits that if he could do this again, he would.  He managed to escape while still holding a piece of the broken heart as a souvenir. Leaving a gaping hole for her to stare at and be reminded, that he had been there, and this is the not so happily ever after ending of the story, of the girl with the eternally broken heart.

The End