Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

This talented musician needs no further introduction. But his latest song surely does.

This is simply one of those songs you’ll just love the first time you hear it. Beautiful, meaningful & delicate, this is audible art at its very best. The music and songwriting in this song is simply equivalent to a beautiful painting that has nothing but words & sounds. It’s songs like this that always make me smile. I’ve always known Jason Mraz to be a cool singer and musician. . He posess a good melodic soothing voice and he always sings from the heart. Well. even though I liked a couple of his famous songs like Bella Luna, The Remedy, I’m Yours and Lucky. There’s no denying, he’s a little too chick flick though. Haha ok, at least for me he is.

But his saving grace was always the lyrics, his good ear for acoustic melody and he knew how to cater and maximise his soothing voice to great use, as evident on most of his songs. This one is no exception. But for this song, he notched it up one better by potraying pure emotion and melody in his singing. And combined with those great words of truth and simple acoustic melody, he scored full marks and my standing ovation on this one. I got a feeling that this song will be huge in the coming months for I know, there are a lot of people out there who still appreciate good honest music.

And this, is definitely one of them.