As promised on my past post, Blonde Is Beauty, People Are Ugly?I had said that I’ll write up a bit bout’ my favorite actress & female singer, whom I said were not at all blonde, despite my awe for blondeness. So here is my favourite actress of all time – Winona Ryder

This brunette petite beauty has graced the screen throughout the nineties and beyond. She’s beautiful, innocent looking, cute, extremely talented and a superb actress. She is also one of the most celebrated actresses of her generation yet has never won an Oscar, though nominated several times.

Adept at playing characters of vast different roles, she has attained critical respect in addition to widespread popularity. She is also one of those original characters who make Hollywood special, in a nice way.

She is the main reason why I liked women with short hair. Cuz she took it to a new level of beauty & coolness.  Most men do not like women with short hair but I loved it. To me, a women with short hair have high confidence level, makes her look younger and look prettier. But then again, not many women can pull it off. But Winona Ryder certainly can.  Look at the collection of her pics below. Ain’t she pretty ?

From her sweet debut performance when she was a kid in ‘Beetlejuice’ to her recent frightening portrayal in ‘Black Swan’, Winona always gives a great performance. In the 90s, she was Johnny Depp’s girlfriend and the love of his love.
They acted together in one of my fav childhood movies – ‘Edward Scissorhand’. Well, he loved her so much till he even made a tattoo “Winona Forever” on his arm. Yup, the man that made women everywhere in the world squirm with lust did just that. For a women . . Amazin’ rite ?  Haha . .  Young & stupid ?

Nope, cuz she’s worth it.  High five Mr Depp !! . . We both loved the same woman. Lol! And when they broke up due to her failure to commit, he erased it to “Wino Forever” . . Well, he still speaks fondly of her. During their relationship, both of them decided not to act for the sake of looking good on camera but to choose roles that will give a challenge to themselves.

And they both kept their promise to this very day. Publicly, people describe her as nice, friendly, cooperative, and polite. On the other hand, you can sense that she’s a troubled lady. Well, most Hollywood stars are anyway. .

Well, she made a mistake when she chose to act in the movie “Girl Interrupted”.  It’s a great movie with amazing acting. She really looked as though she’s genuinely crazy in that movie. Well, that’s because, to prepare for the role, she & Angelina Jolie have to stay in a women’s asylum for like months and see how the patients behave and react.

In other words, she has to become one of them. She stayed there for 3 months without going home at all.

And just like Heath Ledger, she never recovered. Hazy about her purpose in life, she became sensitive and spiritually confused, which has caused her to suffer bouts of depression and panic attacks.

She became a kleptomaniac, which is a form of mental disorder. After her 2001 arrests, her career hasn’t been what it once was. I truly believe that if it weren’t for her shoplifting scandal, Winona would’ve had a whole other career, most probably with Oscars in tow. Nevertheless, her acting skills & beauty is what attracts me during my growin’ up phase.

And till now, I have never seen a young actress as talented as she is. But what I truly liked most about her was that , just like Johnny Depp, she never chooses roles to advance her career. What makes her so special is the fact that she never works just for a paycheck. And with that, she got my respect.

And that’s why she’s my fav actress of all time.