I was asking my special one the other night whether she’d watched the classic movie 10 Things I Hate About You and she said no. I asked several of my colleagues that are in my age group as well and some have not even heard of it, let alone watched it. Like seriously?

Well, 10 Things I Hate About You is one of the classic teen movies that came out of the 90’s that was actually pretty good. It had a great cast, the story was entertaining and a lot of fun. The plot is a little predictable but the whole movie made me laugh and feel good.

I’ll always remember fondly this was the movie that really kickstarted the late Heath Ledger’s career and I remember in school how all the girls were just drooling over him. He was the cool-rebel-slacker type that all guys want to be. Also all the guys fell in love with Julia Styles, lovable, feisty and yet innocently sweet and adorable. She was just as awesome and made a good strong female lead.

Here’s some great moments in the movie.

This movie captured a great amount of what most teens go through in their world, whether it’s just wanting to be different, popular, having an over protective parent, dealing with sex and rejection. This movie just worked on so many levels. And of course, not forgetting the famous classic poem towards the end of the movie which must have made the sales of tissue papers all around the world to skyrocket over the roof.