My Chemical Romance – I Don’t Love You 

New modern rock bands of this new millenium do not really entice me. Other than Shinedown & Within Temptation, I dont’ really see any capable modern hard rock bands of the new era that can truly captivate my attention. White Stripes & Avantasia has the occasional brilliance. Halestorm & The Killers are not bad. But if you notice, all these bands above either have strong vocalists or they have old school classic rock influences in their music.

New bands like Slipknot, Nickelback, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and coutless other imitators just didnt work for me. I kinda find their music nonsensical as a whole. Hahaha . .  Sure they had a couple of good songs here and there but I don’t really dig their stuff personally. Then came My Chemical Romance. I detested their early sound. It sounded lame. The songs are just not made out for me. Emo punk rock ?? You seriously gotta be kidding me right ?

Btw for those who don’t know, the term emo has been applied by critics and journalists to a variety of artists such Fall Out Boy & My Chemical Romance. And also at the same time, use of the term emo expanded beyond the musical genre, becoming associated with fashion, a hairstyle and any music that expressed emotion. The youngsters loved it though.

It wasnt till 2006 that they released their epic album “Welcome to the Black Parade” that I finally opened my heart to this band. It was pretty awesome. I am overwhelmed with disbelief. But even after I said this, that is their only album that I truly liked. The reason ?

The album has been described as a classic rock tribute with influences and themes being made from 70’s classic rock. The first single, which is the same name as the album title is grand rock opera at its finest and it’s epically awesome but modern sounding. It is their modernized version of Bohemian Rhapsody. But the song from that album that I totally loved is this song below. Its epic & awesome. It’s the band’s first proper power ballad and, well, I think they should definitely think about writing dozens more. It grows on you and it’s deep. The music vid helps alot too.

The music video of this song is about two lovers in a strange abstract world, and the video seems to tell the story of how their love quickly withers away until one leaves the other alone. It’s damn deep and cool. And it showed the lead singer playing emotions with his face while singing. Towards the end of the video, one of the band’s amplifiers explodes along with two of the guitars. It’s a bit exxagerating but to me, it worked for this vid. And it worked for me.

Well, to sum it all up, I loved the song, the lyrics, the video. That’s a  3 – in – 1.


” When you go . . would you have the guts to say 
I don’t love you, like I loved you yesterday ”