The Orion Experience – Obsessed With You
The Coral – Dreaming Of You

As you all know, the “Song Of The Day” segment feature songs that I like. And as a music lover, I liked a lot of songs. It’s quite electic, spanning different genres and styles. But if you notice, the songs that are featured here are mostly great songs that the mass public do not or are not aware of. Therefore by putting them here, I hope that you guys will try and give it a listen & are aware of the good music that is available out there. Sharing is caring.

So, today, I decide to go indie. Again I posted 2 songs because both these songs are indeed similar in style and substance. They both are modern indie bands. These featured songs below are the ones that propelled them to mini-stardom and both have Beatles influence in their music. And of course, both these two songs have a simple but hilarious music vids. Apparently, that’s the secret to their shock success.

Let’s check the first one out . . . The Orion Experience – Obsessed With You

This song by this indie American band is catchy, the music vid’s funny as hell and the end result is truly enjoyable. If you listen to the words properly, it is pretty scary. This is the ultimate stalker’s anthem of 2011. But the vid makes you smile and laugh. And it’s all in good fun. The catchy melody and riffs makes you warm up to the song quite fast. Indeed, it’s a good cover up. Go listen to it. You’ll most likely will love it too.

And now comes the second song  . . .  The Coral – Dreaming Of You

This is a cool song by the British indie band. Its catchy and infectious. When you hear it, it totally grabs your attention and makes your body goove. The singer has a good voice and the background vocals work wonders too. The vid’s pretty fun to watch along. The bass lines completely ripped of the beatles but who the heck cares. This is a indeed a good song.

These two songs are a testament that the future certainly looks good for music in general. Indie artists are the hope for music’s survival . . good music’s survival to be precise. It’s good to know that some people still play great music and refused to be tied down by a big label which promised them riches and fame. For passion comes first.

And that passion is music.