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Something’s Wrong With The World

There is something wrong with the world. I keep looking at how our world works today, and it really doesn’t make sense. Stupid, illogical rules that are guaranteed to put people off, appear everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be anyone questioning them

Lets focus on 3 basic things —-> Money, Education and Social interaction.

Money. The concept behind money is a good one: place ones worth in something tangible, and then use it the purchase someone else’s worth. The problem is it is also the idea method of control. Nobody has the will to try out a different pattern, a different method or different measure because nobody can think of a better way. Well, come people have thought of other ideas, without taking into account that a majority of people are greedy, selfish and stupid. Even those who claim to be clever are just as prone to these traits, and more often than not, they are more likely to be the ones that you preserve as the above.

Money has become more depressing as time has gone on. First there were loans, bribes and interest, now there is credit, overdraft and ‘variables’ in contracts that allow organisations that have horded money over the centuries to chase and prosecute you where ever you go. In spore. you practically need money to survive. No money no talk. As a result, everything comes with a price. Even love. And when people cant keep up, they go credit.

Credit is the creation of the devil, because it allows people, who in any other situation would be honest, to become vindictive and aggressive: and totally obtuse. People angrily blame the banks for issue them with credit when they should have said no, and the refuse to pay it back (although they spent it) because, again, it was the banks fault. And these same people won’t feel guilt, because the bank isn’t a person. Actually, allot of these people probably wouldn’t feel guilt even if it was, and seem to enjoy lecturing about the moral obligations of others towards them.

Education. It seems that the idea of education was born out of the upper end of society, because the more people I come in contact with, the more I am made to realise just how little value is place on someone being interested in something other sports or music.

Indeed, the major goal of my 24 year old brother was “to have a wife, house and job.” Again, this is what he wants at 24. WTF rite ? Talking to some of the youths i met through friends, I have realised that a lot of them have exactly the same dream, even though they say they want to learn, a majority of them only want to do the degree to meet people, and to find the “one”. WTF part II.

The “one”, the exactly right person for you, doesn’t actually exist — The entire concept of true love was made up to sell bras, or more accurately, to sell bra ads to bra companies (thank you Mad Men. If you haven’t watched this already, I would recommend it). Haha . . . Ok true luv exists. but it isnt for everyone. Only some people will find it. The rest ? Make do lor.

Everyone is convinced that their experience is absolute and that they know that there is someone out there for them; some people even cheat on the ones they “know” are for them simply because they need to feel for someone else and really do excuse their actions due to this. WTF part III.

Others simple don’t know what they want, and continually draw things out that should be ended, and state that they will never feel the same about anyone else again. Then there are those who proscribe to the theory that every moment is unrelated to the ones before, so you should live as if the current moment is your last. Yet this can’t be true, as a truly random world would never produce the number of coincidences in such as small part of time and space as what a single person expenses in their life alone.

I believe that the overall chaos this reality is governed by some overarching law and this law dictates what people are going to turn out like, who they are going to connect to and the actions they take. Although I hope everything isn’t set in stone, I think that the overall world must be set in clay, which can be shaped by the chaos that surrounds life.

Social interaction, this feeds off what I was talking about before. People interact with each other on a strange level. With the emergence of Iphone, more are becoming social retards. I had a set of rules and actions that I would follow into every situation, and they had served me for all intents and purposes well until then. Once I started to really pay attention to the world around me, really started to interact with more than the people I simply had to deal with, I started to realise just how native and naive I had been until then, and just how sheltered I had been.

Communication is always two way. You talk, i listen . . I talk, you listen. It doesnt mean you talk all the way, about how good you are and how interesting your life story is. People will get bored of you. I prefer a two way conversation. Thats how it should always be.

Dating, something that I had done a lot of times – all ended up nowhere, the other went on and off for three years plus was even more of a shock. The myth that every guy really just wants sex at all times is not that true – most of the time when faced with a choice of short or long, most choose long, only because it lends self-worth. But then again, fuck that. Nobody’s gonna believe it anyway. Too many guys have spoilt the party.

When faced with situations involving more than the single person, the left loathing comes into it in a major way – why am I not good enough to be the “one”. A lot of the people I talk to, think this, and a lot of the apparent “playboys” are simply overcompensating for this simple reason. Again, they are driven, with a few exceptions, by the simple dream of a picket fence, and don’t understand why they aren’t good enough to keep.

The girls that I’ve talked to always repeat the same line “he simply wasn’t the one”. Some more interesting variations are that the boy has flaws that are unworkable (so why did you go out with him in the first place?) that their family put pressure on them (most interesting being a mother of one of my girlfriends stated that her boyfriend wasn’t good enough looking for her….. then again her mother tells her that she is a sl*t, even though I think this is her first boyfriend in her 22 years…. WTF part IV).

But, I suppose if something makes you happy, you should do it… not always the safest routes, but you can’t take the smoothest road unless it is by chance.

I’ve finished my rant for today.

I might put some Quantum notes on tomorrow simply to help me think.
Lovely. (WTF part V)