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My brother came home from school one day and asked me what the Illuminati really is. He said his classmates were all talking about it and told him that the world is fucked up and it’s controlled by Illuminatis who’s objective is new world order and word domination.

Oh please . . . Gimme a break . . .

For those who do not know what the Illuminati is, I suggest you either read up or just simply ignore it. But I think you should read it up, so that you are aware of how this society believed so much in them and protect yourself so that you are not manipulated by them.

I first came to know about it when a friend recommended me a video series called “The Arrivals” that talked about revelations in world religions regarding the arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi & The Second Coming of The Christ.

The aim of the series is to expose the matrix that has been systematically engineered by the world elites. It also exposes the upper echelon families that control and regulate every facet of our lives. The series is thought provoking and spiritually uplifting

Well, I find it total bullshit. Some of it fact but most of it is misleading. But the moment when I finished seeing it, I knew that one day it will corrupt people’s minds, especially those without a lack of religious background . . . And I was right.

I think Illuminati is not real because if you think about it, Illuminati is just what every person fears put together and called Illuminati. The concept of the Illuminati is a fiction that is being pushed about by nutjobs, over the years. Illuminati is fake and the only thing controlling anyone is the fear that Illuminati is real.

I know, people usually find these videos interesting. They thought that they might get some knowledge of secret things going on & felt better after seeing the so called “evidence” presented..

Well, I’ve done some research of my own.

It probably came from the fear of the real Illuminati that used to exist in the 1700’s. The real Illuminati broke up around 1785. They are more than likely loosely based on some degree of truth, as most legends are. However, the speculative history on them seems to be pretty scarce & rather haphazardly concocted.

Most credible historians would probably assert that the Illuminati were once upon a time, a legitimate organization that attempted to gain political control of their immediate environment & met with some degree of success (as well as some degree of failure)

From that stage moving forward, it probably became more “myth” than reality in the stories that were handed down among the people.

It’s an intriguing story and a fun idea that captures the imagination, however any evidence that they actually existed in any way that actually impacted the world is for the most-part, non-existent, and probably not because they were so good at covering their tracks. By and large, it’s a story and a myth, not a fact. It’s fiction, not history.

And lately it has received a resurgence in popularity as authors such as Dan Brown kickstarted this myths in his books “ The Da Vinci Code”  and “Angels & Demons”. Since then, thousands copied the idea and thousands more became fools.

The Illuminati is truly fake . . It’s a theory made up by conspiracy theorists who just want someone to blame about why their life is in shambles. They believe there are a select group of people who control everything and anything in the world.

They say you can only become someone if they allow you to be. All sports athletes, celebrates, musicians, wealthy people, and in general anyone who is anything.

But these are only small toys which attracts focus of people towards themselves . . so that they don’t go for looking bigger picture. It is a myth and anyone who believes it should really think about their own lives. If you want to become something or someone . . .  then get off of the couch, grow a pair of balls, take control and make something happen.

For the truth is, you are your own worst enemy. If the Illuminati is so powerful how come all those people putting out books and videos trying to “expose” the Illuminati, how come they aren’t dead yet? How come the Illuminati haven’t snuffed them out, when the Illuminati supposedly controls everything? People have died for less . . So please, give me a break.

People will believe or focus on anything, any conspiracy theory, however ridiculous, just as a distraction from their boring lives. Its just pure nonsense, yet a lot of people, especially Muslim themselves, believe in it. . They thought it’s the truth.

But nope, it’s actually making & turning them into fools. It makes them forget in God and his teachings. As a result, their foundation in religion becomes weaker and obsession with conspiracy theories becomes higher.

Whatever happened to our faith and belief in God ?  And all this media hype should actually bring Muslims closer to their own faith instead of closer to a mass hysteria belief.

But I caution all Muslims, even myself . . . that busying yourself with these conspiratorial things can mislead you, within themselves . . because it promotes their ideology and next thing you know, you think they are powerful, when all power comes from God.

All Illuminati really is, as quoted by Tupac Shakur – “Another way to keep ur self-esteem low & another way to keep u unconfident in urself “

That’s what they really are. Therefore I shall close this post with a thought of my own – “ Believe in God. Not in the Illuminati . . For HE gave you a brain, not them. So use your brain to think wisely and not to follow blindly “