I may be in the minority here, but I do think photoshop is cheating.

I am most proudest of the photos that were perfect, directly out of the camera. Maybe just some cropping and resizing, but no manipulation of the image. Don’t get me wrong, Photoshopping (notice how one brand has become generic for the process?) is an art and a skill, when done well. Yes it is, but it’s not photography.

Guess I’ve always been an acoustic music fan and not one to favor overdubbing and studio effects. I feel the same about photography. Not photoshop. And when I say cheating, it means altering and showing a picture to give people the impression of what it truly doesn’t. Especially in human terms, as in when the subject of a picture is human.

Imagine, putting on make up is already bad up. When done right, it can hide physical flaws. And when you add photoshop to it, you have a double layer of hiding. Aint that right?

Btw I have a close friend whose previous day job is to touch up pictures using photoshop. And he’s totally damn good at it. But as time goes by, he always told of how dolled up models come in and out and do photoshoots and retouching their physical faults through photoshop makes him feel a lil’ fucked up.

It is totally different than that of nature or scenery pics, but when it comes to the human aspect of photoshopping and you’re the one who sees the original picture in its entirety and then proceed to do the touch up and enhanced  it even further, only you know the lying difference.

Though no doubt, the pay is good, he’s not feeling proud of his works on most days. For he knows it’s not real. And it makes him even fucked up after photoshoots when he sees those same models undolled themselves after photoshoots and washed up.

They look even way different. It was a tale me and my friends all truly loved to hear when hanging out with him.

For myself, I’ve seen people who look up to these pretty photoshopped images and faces and feel even worse about themselves every time.  They aspire to be as pretty or good looking as them and started to wonder why aren’t they born with such delicate perfection. But they don’t really know the truth behind those pictures.

Or maybe they do. And despite having said that, I’ve also seen that a lot of people accuse other people of ‘photoshopping themselves pretty’. They use the ‘imperfection is beautiful’ argument to make themselves feel better by convincing themselves that ‘what they got is not real’. Simply said, there are always two sides of every story. Life’s fair.

Now hear the third side = The bitter truth.

That’s not how self confidence works. We should feel good about ourself regardless of how others look – in real life or in pictures. A person’s self worth should not depend on what they see in a magazine or a blog or media – it’s something that comes from within and is developed independently, precisely in spite of what you see.

I recently read an article about a famous Hollywood actress who don’t really believe in photoshop for it will only make her feel pitiful about herself when seeing the altered picture of herself splashed across magazines or tabloids. You can read it here.

Well, to sum it all up, to me, photography is planting, nurturing, and growing the perfect rose. Photoshop is finding a daisy and painting it. If you create a great photo with Photoshop, you should feel proud. If you create a great photo without Photoshop, you should feel prouder.

That’s just my humble opinion.