The Black Keys – Tighten Up

To be honest, actually, I already have Sia’s Soon We’ll Be Found as an intended choice for this segment. That was a great song no doubt and its sign – language – touch – your – hearts music video made it even more mesmerising and beautiful with each viewing and listen. And I was all set and ready to include it in here.

Then, this song came along.

It has all the three criterias needed (good music, great video, superb lyrics) for it to end up on this segment. Ok, the lyrics ain’t that superb and by no means revolutionary, however the catchy and groovy passionate sound will still have you tapping your foot. It’s instantly catchy and stays hooked in your mind. The music video, is just Awesome with a capital A.

I loved the video from the first moment I saw it. The two band members (the drummer and the singer) bring little mini versions of themselves to a park to play, and the kids do battle for the affections of a little girl there. Awesome moment – The drummer pulls out a doughnut from his pocket for the singer, a gesture which is repeated when ‘little drummer’ also pulls out a piece of doughnut, this time for a for the girl. The two kids end up in a punch-up, and when the adults try to separate them, they see the girl’s mother and end up fighting over her instead. Haha.

It’s little wonder that the music video and song won critical acclaim, which included 3 Grammys and MTV video music award for breakthrough video of the year. The song was first featured in a slew of various TV commercials and that’s where it first gained recognition, praise and later, fame. Then came the music video. It was the perfect icing on the cake.

If you need a good song & a good music video to cheer you up after long day at work, this might just be it. Ok i won’t spoil the fun for you. See it and hear it for yourself. Enjoy the song aitez. I wont say the same for the music video though, cuz I know you will.