Qn (Me) – Sometimes I dont understand how a problem that can be solved in a day or two, can drag on for months. Rather than relying on the exchange of emails to and fro, back & forth like a ping pong game, why not just get to the root of it straight?

Ans (Old Bird) – Let me tell you something valuable bro. Sending email and cc it to a lot of people, is doing work (laughs & grins). Drag it a bit and then when things get a lil’ heat up, you solve it. That’s how it’s done. It’s ok, someday you’ll understand (laughs again).

And two other “added rice” (nasi tambah) joined in the laughter.

Well, what can I say ?
I asked a honest question and all I get is a political answer.
Screw politics.

I came here to change and improve the system.
But the system changed me.
True story.


Some clown cocked up the system applications the other day and it went haywire. Everyone has to work late nights to solve & make it up and running again. And it was pretty serious, cuz what he cocked it up in that few seconds, will take a week or two to restore fully.

Of course in that moment, everyone uttered their displeasement and bitter sentiment towards the clown for resulting in the extra hours of work and inconvenience.  But deep down, everyone knew, what could happen to that clown, could also happen to anyone of us.

But two days later, the clown tendered his immediate resignation. And the circus’s chiefs accepted it and even said he was a gentleman that took full responsibility for his actions and wished him well in his future endeavours.

Well, from how I was raised and believed, to me, being responsible means staying on and cleaning up the mess you made and fully restoring them back to what it was previously and not making others do it for you while you took the exit out. You created the problem, you solve the problem. That’s what taking full responsibility should mean right?

Apparently, me and the circus chiefs, we dont share the same thinking. Maybe, before they became chiefs, they were clowns too. Hmmm . . who knows right.

One thing for certain though, I never really liked gentlemen anyway.
Nor I aspire or intend to become one.

For they’re all assholes in a clown’s mask
True story part II.



True story part III.