I am actually writing this as I wait for my friends to come one by one @ the east side of Singapore. Hahaha its funny how we all promise to meetup at 9am and here I am, arriving at 9.45am thinking I was late, only to learn I am the first one to arrive. And best part is, I stay the furthest. Typical Malay promise. Hahaha but its ok. I dun mind really. It is gonna be a long jam packed activity & adventure filled day today. I loike. It’s been awhile. My friday night yesterday was awesome. And today it will get only better, that’s for sure. For today, it’s a different kind of fun altogether.

First up for today’s agenda, is something that I’ve always wanted to do for quite sometime. A personal dream. And it’s gonna come true today. With a little help from my friends. Four of them to be exact. I thank them loads for believing in me when I say that I am serious about this. And they kept the faith by pushing and constantly reminded me to make it happen to the point that its gets kinda irritating sometimes. Hahaha. I really truly appreciate it lots.

It’s a first, and i hope it won’t be last. For if it turns out ok, I am thinking of doing this on a quarterly basis and asking more friends to join in. If they are interested of course. For those that I’ve left out, I am very sorry aitez. Just trying it out with a small group first, see how it goes and will take it from there. Rule of the day for the 1st agenda : No cameras, no photos, no FB status or Twitter updates or check ins. Just humility & memories for us to keep for life.

Then after that, for the 2nd agenda – Its off to Kusu & St John’s for a island hoppin’ day in the sun and to chill and have a picnic by the beach, go for a swim, jalan jalan and re – explore the islands and take awesome pictures of the beach or that amazing shrine @ Kusu and that turtle statues. Dunno if they are still there or not. For it’s sure has been awhile. Last time I’ve been there, it was a few years ago. And it’s still good to know that even today, alot of people are still not fully aware of those places yet. It’s a pity, for these places are actually quite the perfect weekend getaway to just chill and have a quiet and peaceful time with friends, family or loved ones.

Ok, the rest of them are all here now. Allright, let’s do this!!

Screw 28. This weekend, I’m 21.

And screw typing all of this on my mobile, for my fingers are tired already. Lol!