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And here comes my fav segment yet again, the one & only  –  Rockstar 101

If you can still recall, in my last Rockstar 101 post, I talked and elaborated about the term “Friendzone” and how dreaded it is for the guys. My guess is that there are a lot of guys reading this right now who are stuck in the “Friendzone” with a woman. I guess by now you all know and maybe somewhat familiar with what the term Friendzone is, right? Let me recap it with a single simple sentence – It’s when you’re romantically interested in a woman, see her as more than just a friend, or maybe even head over heels in love with her, but she’s only interested in you “as just a friend”.

Perhaps she already delivered the infamous “Let’s just be friends” line to you. Well, I imagine most every guy has been there at one point or another. Even I have. And no doubt about that, being stuck in the Friendzone sucks !!

And if you ask me honestly, if there is a message that we want to send to the ladies regarding the topic of friendzone, this image below sums it all up superbly and will really ring a bell to most of us. For you know its the truth.









That said, if there is a girl that you’ve already made some mistakes with, and who considers you to be just a friend, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all hope is lost. If you’re in the friend zone, you obviously failed to make your move early on . . so she probably thinks that you were either not that interested, or you didn’t have the balls to make your move.

Well, thats what this Rockstar 101 segment is all about. It’s about giving you balls and confidence.  As they say, an pounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And since I had promised that I am going to post on how to get out of the friend zone, stay out of it for good and get the chick . . like a true rockstar that I am, I’m goin to stay true to my word. So, without further ado, here it goes. Below are 10 steps to get out of the friend zone and turn in into something more.

Disclaimer : Use these mentioned steps below wisely and at your own risk. The last thing you want to do is mess up a great friendship, so please decide wisely if you really want to go the extra mile with this girl and if she can even handle this without destroying what you have both worked to build over time. But it’s truly worth a read though.


  • 10 –  Stop Being Always Available for Her

If a girl has dumped you into the friend zone, it’s doubtless because you have been acting more of a buddy than a potential lover. If a girl rejects you and classifies you as a good friend, it is most likely due to the undeniable fact that you act more of a mate around her rather than a potential partner. So stop doing this !!  You could think that being there for a girl all the time will get you places, but almost all of the time, it wont.

  • 9 –  Don’t Call

Even if you get frequent calls and texts from her, do yourself a favor and allow a little breathing space. Let her know without actually telling her, that you’re a busy guy and although you value her, you’ll get to her when you get to her.

  • 8 –  Let Her Make the Effort and Come to You

Don’t always give her logistical options that provide the utmost convenience to her when planning get – togethers. This communicates that you’ll bend over backwards to be around her. You should allow her to make enough of an effort so that she doesn’t feel like she owns you, because that will put you in the friend zone faster than a bad date.

  • 7 –  Give Her the Option of Joining You

Better yet, go ahead and tell her what you are doing and let her know that she can come along if she’d like. “I’m going for a coffee at Starbucks, come meet me if you feel like it.” This will help her to see you as a guy who isn’t asking for permission to be around her and has his own things going on and in turn, it will help her to feel more comfortable.

  • 6 –  Talk About Your & Her Dating Life Freely

Go ahead – tell her about the girls you’ve been dating. Do it in a way that paints you as the decision maker, and don’t whine about missteps and misunderstandings. Tell a funny, bad date story. This will enable her to see you as someone that has women in his life and is accepted by other women. See what her dating experience has been like. Feel free to make fun of some of her past boyfriends for the dumb stuff they did that she’s still totally pissed about.

  • 5 –  Don’t Comment Too Much on Her Looks

Don’t tell your friend how hot she is. Don’t stare at her. She probably knows already because guys communicate a hell of a lot more than they mean to more often, than they mean to.
Instead, tell her something she doesn’t know.

  • 4 –   Poke Fun at Her

What your friend probably doesn’t hear from guys is their honest opinions. Go ahead and be honest that yes, her ass does look a little fat in those jeans. But be funny about it and it won’t come off as if you’re just being a jerk.

  • 3 –  Look & Date Other Women

To get things moving, you have got to trigger her jealous reactions. A straightforward way to do that is to debate & talk about fascinating girls and make comments about them whenever you are around her. This shows that you’re a man who isn’t frightened to show what he likes in ladies.

Also, if you actually wish to ramp up her jealous nature, then I suggest you start to date different girls. If you do this correctly, she will start to notice that she might be missing a chap who is appealing & wanted by other ladies and her natural competitive nature will take off.

She’s going to want to “prove” to herself that she too have what it takes. This occurs subconsciously to her. I repeat, it occurs. As in mull it over. Ever thought somebody was OK, not particularly your type and then, on finding out how desired they were by others, you all of a sudden became tickled with the idea of being with that person? . .  I am sure you have.

  • 2 –   Be a Man That Has a Little Something More to Offer

Girls look for a lot of things in a man – trust, security, humor, adventure and their ability to fix their computer when they download half a billion viruses. Don’t sacrifice your beliefs or change who you are for her, just be mindful of what parts of your personality you show at what times and whether they will help you become the man she’s been looking for.

  • 1 –   Go For The Kill

The last step to getting out of the friend zone is to go for the kill. You’ve established with the girl that you won’t get hostile or upset if rejected and that you have other dating options. You should start flirting with her more and eventually let her know you’d be interested in the possibility of dating her. Again, she will choose whether or not to put you in the friend zone again, but this time, you will have the odds stacked in your favor.


It’s pretty difficult to do and kinda harsh if you ask me, but if you can carry them out with due diligence, then you will see the changes and results.  You can go from this


                               to this

Surprised by Valentine kiss

What do you have to lose . . a friendship ?

Sure, sometimes you may meet a special woman and you guys really hit it off as friends, and there is no chemistry beyond that. But if you are attracted to her, you have really so much to gain and so little to lose if you just go for it. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll probably have to admit that starting a friendship wasn’t your intention in the first place.

But at the end of the day, it’s your choice really . . You decide. All it takes, is a pair of balls and the confidence to do it. It may work out for you and it may not. Yeah, maybe you tried with all guns blazing and yet still ended up failing. And as a result, your friendship with the girl suffered. Well, at least you can take solace to the fact that you tried.

Cuz if you never did, then you will never know whether you really do stand a chance or not. It’s all 50 – 50.  Some you win and some you lose.

But ain’t that what experience, decisions and life is all about?