Boyzone – Gave It All Away

If you are around my age, or slightly older or younger, you will know who Boyzone is. As hard as I try to deny it, I grew up in an era of boybands. As a result, the songs that came out on the radio are mostly from them. Boyzone is one of the famous ones, aside from Take That and Backstreet Boys. I know some of their songs by heart and some are karaoke favourites. Songs like Words, Father & Son, No Matter What, Love The Way You Love Me.

This is their latest song. And it’s a tribute to one of their group member, the late Stephen Gately. Even thought the real talent in the group is clearly Ronan Keating, Stephen was the object of desire among teenage girls, even back from the time when I was in school. His good looks, smooth vocals, cool dance moves and his smiling nature used to drive girls crazy.

Even when he declared he was gay, they still loved him anyway. But alas, he took his own life in October 2009. His death represents the first time that the boyband genre has had to deal with such a tragic situation. The video is a tribute to Stephen & features footage from his time in the band and previously unseen footage from his personal life. The video resolves around the four remaining band members reminiscing about Stephen and mourning his passing.

The video and the song lyrics doesnt really match. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why this song doesnt get famous as they hoped it to be. But it is quite touching, if you ask me honestly.
Maybe it’s because I grew up with their music. Maybe it’s because I too had a chilhood buddies who I grew up together with and went through thick and thin together and we still keep in close contact over the years. Well, whatever it is, the song still struck a chord in my heart.

If you loved the band, see the vid and you’ll definitely be touched. If you loved their music, hear the song and you will find it to be one of the best they’ve made in years. When it comes to music, people from my era are more usually more diverse than any other eras cause we basically grew up with an electic choice. But really, no matter who sings it, and no matter what genre it is, at the end of the day, good music is still good music.

” She . .  Maybe the one that’s meant for me
Or for the man, that I used to be,
Till I gave it all away. 

Why . .  I lay my heart down on the floor,
I showed you love, you wanted more,
But I gave it all away ” 

Halestorm – Here’s To Us [Audio]

When it comes to rock music, usually I prefer classic rock bands or new bands that play in the style of classic rock. Am not really a fan of all those modern rock music. Halestorm and Shinedown are my only two exceptions. But truth is, I loved them due to the fact that their respective singers have truly awesome voices, something that is rarely seen or heard nowadays on the modern rock genre.

Lzzy Hale is truly a cool rock chick with an attitude. She has been blowing the minds of audiences all over America since she began her love affair with music at age 13. With one of a kind vocal abilities and versed in both piano and electric guitar, she can definitely belt it out. Her band’s rock cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance is one such example.

This song is their new single for their new album out to be released later in Apr this year. Glee have covered it on one of their episodes. Though I am not a fan of Glee, I actually went to Youtube just to listen to their cover version, just to see if they butchered it, like they did to most songs. To my surprise they didnt. But the singer simply do not have the vocal chops of Lzzy and the difference is very noticable. You can listen to it here and compare it yourself.

Btw, I liked the lyrics and words of this song. It’s about a woman standing up for the man she loved and telling off the fuckers who ill treated him and their relationship to go fuck themselves. Woohoo . . Now aint that fierce ? Only a cool rock chick would do that.

And Lzzy Hale is nothing short of one. Truly my kinda woman.     

Here’s to us, here’s to love.
To all the times that we’ve messed up.
Here’s to you, fill the glass.
Cuz the last few days have kicked my ass.

If they give you hell, 
Tell ’em to go fuck themselves
Here’s to us