Paolo Nutini – Coming Up Easy

While the last Song of the Day featured a famous global superstar & his latest song, this time round, we’ll go back to the indie scene and listen to indie music’s finest talents out there. And one of them is Paolo Nutini. Well, probably a lot of you may not heard of this guy yet but I guess, sooner ot later you will. And I hope so too.

Musically talented and blessed with good looks, this musician is only in his mid 20s but the music of his songs and passion in his live performance is already equivalent to that of a seasoned musician. He wrote great words of lyrical awesomeness, sweet soothing music and he topped it all with his melodic smooth raspy voice.

And it wasn’t on Youtube that I first chanced upon his songs. I was listening to my favourite online playlist radio where users can upload their themed playlist consisting of 8 tracks. And most of the songs in that playlist are good songs. Loved that website.

And it was in one of the playlist that contained his semi famous song called Candy. Honestly, it seems like a stupid title that will turn people off but once the music starts and this guy start to sing, I’m totally hooked. And I kept wondering to myself ” Who is this guy ? ”

Then I went to check his music out on You Tube and that’s surfed his other songs and videos and opened my knowledge to his existence and awesome talent. And as I’ve always mentioned, to be included in this segment, a song has got to have any two of the following criteria – Interesting Music Vid, Good Voice, Awesome Kickass Lyrics.

His song that I’ll be posting here today, has got all three.  It’s called – Coming Up Easy
Check it out . .

Such was my love for this song that even though the YouTube uploader disabled the embedding of this video to be put on other external sites, I manage to download it and proceed to upload it back onto my blog, specifically for this segment. Yeah, it’s quite a troublesome and a lil’ time consuming than usual, but hey, as they say, good things must share.

And furthermore, this is not just a normal song and it’s totally worth it. If not, I wouldn’t have written on and on bout it right ?

When you listen tothis song for the first time, you will think it’s just a normal decent love song. But what you probably wouldn’t know, is that, if you listen a few more times, see the vid tentatively and read the lyrics closely and deeply, this song is basically about his weed addiction and how hard he really tried to kick the habit.

The lyrics were carefully written and sung in a double meaning entendre and those who get it, will get it. And in the video, it’s portrayed that his best friend is a giant rabbit and how they’re always doin stuff together. And then there’s the lyrics –

” You see, the thing is, I love you.
I love you . . but you see, I resent you all the same.
And all my other friends they’re just saying
You’re slowing me down.
Oh, but I should have known you’d turn to me and say,
Before you throw too much of me away ” 

And if you are one of those who must have wondered of how weird the vid is, how gay those lyrics seem and why the heck would he sing such lyrics to a giant walking rabbit, well . . if you do some research and a lil’ readin up, white rabbit is actually common slang name for marijuana. Therefore that rabbit that you see with him all the time is actually his weed.

But the beauty of the lyrics is that they’re relatable for anyone who have an addiction for vices or bad habits. For him, his main weakness and bad habit is his weed. For me, it’s cigarettes.
And for other people, it’s something else. The words totally allow you to relate to it and you become part of the song yourself. Damn smart man huh . . .

But it was towards the end of the song where the icing on the cake truly is.

And as he rambled on and on of how he hard he tried to kick the habit, he finally came to a realization. As great as his love of weed was, there was a love far greater than that to make him finally quit it for good. And towards the finale, he kept repeating and emphasizing it over and over again, as if to remind himself, that is the real love that he really should have.

” It was in love I was created and in love is how I hope I die ” 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the greatest piece of lyrical sentence in an English song that I have ever come across.

For it is nothing but the truth.