If you all noticed, I rarely talk certain things in this blog. Ok, basically there are two things that I try to refrain myself from talking about over here. One of them is religion. Only until my recent blog entry, did I touch a bit on religion. And if you noticed, in that entry, I did not specifically describe any specific religion. It’s basically generalised context, built for a multi racial and multi religious community like ours, so that no matter from what race or religion, you can basically relate to it. That was my intention.

I don’t really like to talk, preach or discuss about religion matters on social networking sites or blog. It’s an ultimately a sensitive and personal topic. If it’s something to do with race, then I don’t mind. But if it’s totally about a specific religion or faith, then thank you very much, I would very much likely to give it a pass.

The only time did I ever write about my religion was on the entry The Illuminati Isn’t Real. And the reference was only less than a paragraph. But to me, that was a pretty serious issue that been bugging my race and religion alike, therefore I had to write what I feel and how I viewed it. And truth be told, till today, I felt a slight tinge of regret for sharing that article online.

But other than those two, I didnt really basically write or post about any other religious thing. It’s not that I know total nuts about them. I do have a fair share of knowledge on it but I’d rather not discuss or talk about it, not only due to its ultra sensitivity, but also due to our own personal faith and beliefs. Even with my friends or colleagues, I rarely to talk bout it too. I only talk bout it with the people I feel comfortable with or with people who are certified wise.

I’m pretty much sure in our life, we always come across a lot of people whom we called or labelled the Mr & Mrs Know It Alls . . They talk as though they know and have been there and done that, but truth is, they haven’t and they know not much at all. These are the people I don’t really like and believe me, there are a lot of them out there. These are the people that talk so much about the depth of things or topics that you’ll realise that they actually don’t even know or understand the basic concept of it in the first place. That’s why I chose not to talk about it. Some things are meant to be done and understood . . not just talk.

And the other one that I rarely talk about, is politics. That is what I truly hated most. Be it office, human & government politics, I hated them all to the core. Especially office politics. Hahahaha . . But of course what I truly meant about is the one everyone loved to talk about, the one that involves the government, ministry and the country. To me, it is truly a dirty game, more dirty than the dirtiest slums you can find.

As with what’s mentioned above, they will always be people who talked as though they are some political figure or adviser, as though they know the intimate inner workings of the hierarchy. And some people kept complaining and demand changes to be made but when the time really comes for them to step up on the pedestal to prove their worth and voice, they freak out and hide. Those people are the ones I called NATO (No action, talk only).

And as always, it’s funny how people always thought that politicians actually think about the average normal citizens and their needs. Nope, they only think about you and your bloody needs when they want your votes. They will give you sweet words of measure and sugarcoated promises to make you feel orgasmic and as gullible and absorbed as we humans are, we believed it. But the truth is, at the end of the day, it’s all about themselves.

And to stay in power for a long time, comes the dirty game of give and take. They give you some and they take some. In the beginning, it started out as a win-win situation, it’s all smooth sailing and indeed changes can be seen. But over time, you will find that they’ll give you less and they take more. And then you start hating them. And then you demand changes. And the next one that takes over will do the same shit all over again. That has been the case with most countries. As they all say, with power comes responsibility. But with power, also come greed.

Though I do read a lot about the political scene, stories and articles of my country and its neighbours, I tried to refrain myself to write or discuss about it on my over here on my blog.
Not because I don’t know. Not because of fear. Not because I don’t care.

Well, because I chose not to. And because I hate it. But then again, as we all know, there are certain days in life, where you ultimately still have to do the things that we truly hate.

Not because we want to . . But because we need to.