In my last Rockstar 101, I had written that I will share with you guys the best tried & tested pick up lines and what to say to get women all perked up.  It will be of great use to you, especially if you are shy or scared towards approaching woman.

Most guys don’t believe that it’s even possible for an average guy to talk and get a pretty girl’s attention. They actually gave up even before they try.

But its ok, let me share with you some important tricks to use . . the rockstar way.

Below are 3 tricks to make you smarter. These tricks will make you get their attention and perk them up.  It’s tested and proven. If you have doubts, it means you haven’t tried it yet.

Trick # 1- The Attention Grabber

In the game of attraction, you will never get female attention as long as you show too much interest too early. Most guys approach women in the wrong fashion and yet complain over the fact that they always get rejected.

So how does an average guy approach the girl ?
He says something like – “Hi I am Bob . . I find you very pretty. Can I have your num ?”

Guess what? Bob is most probably 999 th guy who asked her out in this fashion. And she will do what she has been programmed to do with such guys – Instant rejection. Girls are used to getting loads of attention from guys all over the place. So this approach will always get you rejected, no matter how good looking you are . . Ok now let’s do it the Rockstar way.

Me – “You are quite pretty . . But you see, I am scared of pretty girls ” 
Her – Why ?
Me – “Well, because most pretty girls have empty personalities and they sort of try to cover it up with their looks ” 

BAM !!! . .  I now have her attention  . . Hmm, You must be wondering why ?

Well simply because,  by saying she is pretty but at the same time saying maybe she lacks a good personality, I got her into a thinking process and a decent conversation topic.

She would think –  “Oh wow . . A compliment. He thinks I’m pretty. But wait . . Why did he say pretty girls lack personality? Is he saying I lack personality? Wait . . I think he feels I lack personality? So he doesn’t like me or does he ? What does he mean by that ? Hmmm, this guy is different . . I need to know more about him and what he thinks”

You have to get her into the thinking mode where she can’t figure you out. Women loved that. They loved putting jigsaw puzzles together. They loved policework. Hahaha . . =)

Trick # 2- Rejection Reversal

This is a trick to use when a girl rejects you. Especially by diva and bitchy attitude women. This is to help your inner confidence so as not to feel hurt when you get rejected. Instead, you reject them.  This will instantly turn the tables and make the girl feel bad for rejecting you. Which means you will be 100% rejection proof. Most average guys take rejection personally simply because they don’t know how to deal with it.

For instance, consider this scenario –
Guy – Hi . . I am John . . I think you are beautiful. 
Girl – Go away jerk
Guy – Gets hurt and exits.

Now let’s do it the right way…

Guy – Hi . . I am John . . I think you are beautiful.  
Girl – Go away jerk.
Guy – Wow, are you always this rude to strangers ? 
Girl – Excuse me ?
Guy – Nope, you aren’t excused missy, you kinda turned me off. I should avoid you. Bye bye !! 

This one always tends to leave them with their jaw dropped to the floor in astonishment.
In most cases, the girl either stops you while you walk off and tried to explain or say sorry.
But if she doesnt’t, then there is obviously something wrong with you. Go buy a mirror !!

Here are more examples –

Girl – ” I don’t like you “
Guy – ” That’s what every girl says who is interested in me. Can’t you get an original line? “

Girl – ” I am not going to sleep with you ” 
Guy –  ” Wow !! . .  It’s only been a few minutes & you are already thinkin bout sex ? Woah, you better slow down abit there “

Girl – ” Are you trying to hit on me ? “
Guy – ” I don’t have to . . You are too easy “

Girl – ” I know what you are trying to do. Won’t work on me ” 
Guy – ” Oh wow . . You are already trying to figure me out ? Slow down aitez “

Yeah, something like that . . . It’s pretty cool . . =)

Trick # 3- The Curiosity Builder

This one is my favorite. I use it most of the time. This is not a pick up line but its quite important This can make any woman burn with enormous amounts of curiosity within seconds…This works so well that it will have women literally begging you for answers.

When you are in conversation with a woman drop the following lines –

“ Oh I totally forgot…I had to tell you a very important thing…Hold on, I have to make an important phone call…I’ll tell you later aitez “


You – ” I noticed something interesting yet strange about you. You know what ? “
Her – ” What ? ” 
You –  ” Well, its ok,  I’ll tell you later . . This isn’t the right time yet ” 


Another way of doing this is to leave her with an unfinished story.

You – ” Do you know there are two habits I hate in women? Number one is most women don’t say what they mean and don’t mean what they say ” . . .  

And then go silent . . .

She – ” So what’s number two ?” 
You – ” Well, I don’t think you are ready to hear it. I’ll tell you when you will be ready ” 

And change the subject . . Hahaha . .  You get the point ? . . Women want instant gratification & the fact that you are making them wait for it will not only build up excitement but also massive curiosity and anticipation to know the thing you had to tell them.

Women can’t handle mystery… Leaving it incomplete will raise the woman’s level of curiosity and she will get highly eager to know the rest . . It’s damn true.

Btw this is all I got to share for today’s Rockstar 101 . . Feel free to try em’ out aitez.
Once again, this is a reminder that I’m not talking cock but the things I’ve mentioned above were all seen, done, tested & proven.

And if you think I’m lying or cooking up a story, then all I can say is –  I’m Not.

Maybe my reality is just different than yours.