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Ok, its been awhile since I wrote anything bout rockstar 101

And since I am goin to hang up my boots soon,  I am going to share a couple of things with you guys. Yeah this is just for the guys . .  I shall put em’ down honestly.  So prepare yourself aitez. Ok, here it is . .

Have you ever thought or ask yourself

  • Why do you think some women keep on falling for the same jerk who is abusive towards her both emotionally and physically ?
  • Why does a woman or wife keep on letting the same man back in her life when he keeps on cheating on her over and over again?

It happens all the time doesnt it ? Well this is the reason why . . .

A woman has no choice when it comes to who she is attracted to or is going to fall in love with. This happens because women don’t operate logically.

As humans we have two minds . . The logical and the emotional mind.

Women are hard wired to follow their emotions more than logic. That’s why so many women keep on falling for the same old jerk who abuses them and often cheats on them.

Their logical brain constantly tells them. They have made the same mistake. They will be abused again. They will be cheated on again. But since they are biologically programmed to think emotionally they keep on running after the guy who triggers the emotional side of their brain.

In other words, women don’t feel attraction to men because they decide to feel it. It just happens.

Now . . . I am not suggesting that you should become a jerk.

All I am suggesting here is that women can’t help but fall for the guy who knows how to trigger their emotional attraction switches.

When I first came across this concept it was a bit hard for me to believe . .
It didn’t make any real sense to me at all. Since young, I’ve always wondered why women were such complicated creatures. And I intend to find out.

So I went around like a nerd lost in thoughts . . Trying to figure out how women think.
Why they act the way they do . . But that wasn’t enough. Then logic came . .

I always knew that the fastest way to get somewhere in life is to follow people who have already been there . . I knew that success leaves clues. I figured that the only way I will ever come to know how to solve this puzzle would be to get in touch with people who have already solved it

So I began to ask guys who were naturally good with women. And to my pleasant surprise,  there were a lot of such men out there.

And one of them is a good NS buddy of mine. He was damn good at it. He wasnt that handsome. But he had charisma, charm and balls. And those 3 things were more than enuff.

Let me tell you a lil’ bt bout my ‘master’ & shifu.

He was a gangster & had an arm full of tattoos.  But he liked me cuz I wasnt scared of him.
I liked him cuz underneath all that tough exterior, he had a good heart and he’s a true friend.
But the story of how we became friends is nothing short of legendary.

When I first joined my NS unit, he tried to bully me as he did to all the other newbies. I told him to fuck off. Then we got into a major fist fight and had to be separated. Then as we let our body healed from the pain of the punches, a new form of respect forged between us. We shook hands and over time, became best of buddies and helped each other through ups & downs. Well, though he’s migrated now, I still kept in contact with him and I still hold him in high regards . .

Therefore during my 2 year of national slavery, I spent an enormous time with him trying to figure out how he did it. I left no stone unturned. There wasn’t a question I didn’t ask. But I realise that in order to know how women think, I should first get to know women. And honestly, I wasnt really that good. So I asked him to teach me the skills as honest as possible.

And he taught me well. Firstly, he told me 3 basic rules.

  • To make my skin thick as a skull
  • Should treat rejection as a normal thing.
  • Grow some balls and be a man of confidence.

So he forced me to approach women. One after another.
And also how to be confident with them. And most imptantly, he told me to observe them.
And of course, he taught me some magic pick up lines and tactics that really worked very well
I will share with you on that on my next post aitez so stay tuned . .  =)

And so, the more women I got to know, the more they open up to me.
Btw, I have a natural gift of listening & makin people open up, so that makes it easier.
And when they do that,  the more I see the concept of how it works.
And the more I see it,  the more clever I become.
And the more clever I became, the more I see stupid guys makin’ stupid mistakes.
And when they make mistakes, the ones who benefits, are guys like me . . =)

Btw,  as in my last few posts, I talked of how I’m tired of living the Rockstar lifestyle.  And I wasnt kidding . .  Its true . . . In fact I have grown sick of it . . I’m done . .  Now, I just wanna chill one corner and do things that I have always wanted to do . . like writing.

My dream is to publish my own book someday. A bestseller  . . .
Maybe my very own Rockstar 101 . . Who knows rite ??

Btw as I said above, do stay tuned on my next post of “Rockstar 101” as I will share with you guys the best tried & tested pick up lines to get women all perked up and trigger their emotional side of the brain cuz thats the one place they have no control of.  It will be of great use to you, especially if you are shy or scared towards approaching woman.

So do stay tuned aitez.