Chris Medina – What Are Words 

This is a good man. I truly respect him for that. Most of you would already know his story by now. It touches a lot of hearts, including mine. To me, that is love. His line became famous overnight.

“Cause what kind of guy would I be?
If I was to leave, when you need me most”

Not many people who are like that. They’re only there for the good times, and in tymes of despair, its bye bye. This guy stood by his lady’s side through and through. Well done dude, you are living proof that fairytales really exist. I applaud and salute him for that. Its not easy for a Rockstar to applaud or salute someone you know. But I take my hats off to him.

The lyrics are touching too. I like songs like these. Where they made sense and not cents. All the songs nowadays are about partying and having fun. But this is a kind of wake up call to truly immense ourselves in the knowledge that at the end of the day, good and meaningful songs still prevails. Songs that you hold special in our hearts.

And for me, this song is one of them. Thank you Mr Chris Medina.