Why are people so quick to judge? So quick to try bring you down?

Was gonna deactivate my FB. Had enuff of it. I hav grown sick of it. Truth be told, i’ve grown sick of it for quite some time. I even try to deactivate it for some time, a few days to be exact . . But the number of sms and calls and watsapp I received from frends was kinda overhelming, so i made a turnaround decision. I guess i shouldnt. But i did.

So i continued like normal. The prob with FB is that people always talk about themselves, often emotional stuffs .. Its a social network for god’s sake. Its supposed to be fun, interactive and sharable. So i post jokes, pics and also songs that I luv so that people get to share it and hav a gd laugh about it. Thats all.. And i will in turn share and laugh and engage myself in what they post. Its like keepin in touch without actually meeting. Never in my life hav i dreamt of wanting attention for the sake of it. Yeah, I love an audience, being a gemini … but there’s no need to seek attention for an audience. I am too awesome for that . .

And of course, every social netwokin’ site has its fair share of drama. Its pretty normal. People argue, get offended, get jealous and of course become judgemental. Should have seen the latter comin’ though.

I guess as we get older, people became more uptight and more serious. They dont appreciate fun anymore. They get tangled in their own personal world so much that they forgot the outside world. I see FB gettin’ mediocre & boring each day and i tried makin it fun all over again. People and friends appreciate it. They liked me. But as much as some liked me, some also detest me. Haha . . Cant blame them really. But to judge a person, and to actually talk as if you knw me… That is purely incorrect.

You know my name. But you dont know my story. My ups n downs, my happiness and my sadness. You dont know them at all . . So stop kiddin’ me. I rarely share with people my probs, only my happiness. Cuz i dun see a reason why i should. Everyone got their own shit to deal with, and they cant really be bothered with other people. The least we can do is make people happy . . So that in a way, we’ll also be happy.

I am not so free too. I got a job too. I got work to do, but i do them fast and efiicient. Then i go online . . I hav a job that requires me to go online 90% of the tyme. And my werkplace is a female dominated mature environment. I am the only male in my team and the youngest of them all.

So imagine how bored i can become sometimes : no one to talk cock with, no one to make dirty jokes, no one to talk to regarding general issues of concerns. My working hours & lunchtime are mostly spent alone. Serious !! . .

Therefore if i have something funny or something on my mind, who do i share them with ? Yeah my colleagues whom i talk to now are mostly smoking buddies. Its funny how friendships are always forged over a ciggy. And btw, nope . . I am not a shy person. Its far from it. I am super friendly. But the current environment is such and i have to adjust to it. And i already have. Thats why i have to turn to social online escape such as this in order ro keep me occupied and happy and sane.

Bet you didnt knw that right? Dont knw, ask… Dont assume.

I am always amused by the fact that i never disturb people but people always disturb me. Its true. People always find me when they got a prob and need someone to talk to. People always find me when their gf/bf got something on and couldnt layan them. Thats where i come in. People find me to hav fun, to bring back fun into their life. But for close friends, they dun really find me, I find them. Cuz hangin’ out wif them is truly worth it.

And so it is, I hav grown tired of it all. I already stopped attending to people’s prob. Just as i hope people would stop attending to mine. People thought as i smile all the time and hav such a positive aura, i got no or little prob of my own. You’re wrong. I hav my fair share of probs too. But i didnt show it. I am quite good at not showin it. What for ?

Lets just be happy —> go out, hav a gd laugh, and go back and sleep with a smile on ur face and gd memories to cherish.

Thats all i want now. My problems, i will settle. Ur problems, u settle urself. The way i see it, thats the best way, really.

As i told a dear friend this morn, i cant really be bothered what people say about me. And so should she. People got a mouth, they can say all they want. They are human after all. They err and make mistakes. But people also got a brain, but alas, they rarely use it. I am not goin to elaborate on that, as who knows, my words might eat me back one day…

So my dear blog Mr Fallen Rockstar, I am gonna turn my full attention on you from now on.

Thank you for being there for me . . .

But you cant complain really, its mainly because of me that you got like 64330 views as of today. Haha . . With just 224 post. In just 6mths plus . . . Not bad huh. Not bad at all.

And i sacrificed my lunch time just to type all this down, you know.

Haha . . Ok lets wrap it up . . =)

Last but not least —> I am awesome . .

I know it and so do you!