People always ask me why i chose the term “Fallen Rockstar” as my blog’s name. They thought that i had fallen for some girl, lost her to another guy and become a loverboy and emo in the process. Or that i am not a rockstar anymore as i have fallen in love and become a romeo now . . Haha . . I dun blame them really . . thats society for you. Always assuming things without going thru proper channel to know things. All u have to do is ask, and I’ll tell you . . Its not that difficult rite ?

Well “Fallen Rockstar” to me, refers to a Rockstar who has grown older, became mature and he realised that to rock and to roll is simply not the life anymore. There’s much more to that. The Rockstar has fallen from grace, learned from past mistakes, becomes more appreciative of his surroundings and in the process becomes human, a mere mortal just like you and i.

And ” Emy Lomazzo ” is just a character that i create, for myself. A character whose confidence, charm, and positive aura makes him a popular figure. And combined with a lil rock star attitude, he becomes a legend, forever immortalised and forever remembered.

The problem with me, i get into this ‘Emy lomazzo’ character too much sometimes. And i realised that people loved emy lomazzo more than they love me. Haha . . And i dun blame them. I am jealous of him too sometimes. On his best days, he is truly unbeatable. Whatever he wants, he’ll go for it.. And for that i salute him . . Haha . . And whenever i get sad, i go into an “emy lomazzo ” mode . . And in an instance, the positive aura kicks in, and i became another person . . And no doubt about it, It felt truly and really good.

And now as i stare at this four white walls and waiting for my turn, not knowin what could happen next, i knew i have to jot all this down. Its just a reminder of my random thoughts at this important and critical time in my life. A reminder as of how i have lived my life so far.

No regrets.