Rise Against – Hero Of War

The song is amazing.

It is also clearly not criticizing soldiers. It is a display of human nature. The example of pissing in the prisoners hands is obviously referencing Abu Ghraib and it even notes that he first tried to tell them to stop before joining in. If anything its sympathizing with the people involved in that horrific incident, explaining that even if the soldier knew what he was doing was wrong, peer pressure pulled him in.

The hate that is fed to them pulled them in. They’re products of their environment.

The shooting of the female is the same way. I’d shoot her too, no one is about to wait to find out if she has a bomb strapped to her or not. Hindsight is 20/20, though, so when she falls and it becomes clear that she only wanted peace, that can do nothing but put a heavy strain on the feelings of the solider involved.

It’s hard to feel good about what you’re doing when you’re forced into these situations.

But it’s not saying they’re wrong – it’s saying that war is ugly. The soldier, if anything, is being praised for having to go through with it to protect the rights of humans around the world.

This song is actually amazing if you listen to it a couple of times and really pay attention to the lyrics. The singer basically lets everyone know his, and most likely, the band’s stance on the war. He’s saying that soldiers aren’t nearly as glorified as the media makes them up to be.

I want my children to be brought up on music like this. Songs that are not filled with sexual innuendo but meaningful messages. I hate how music has become now. Its becoming too commercial for its own good.