hmmmmThis is what happened at work today.

Big Boss – ” Emy, I will give you lots of freedom. You will have that priviledge. But when the time comes for you to deliver, you MUST deliver. Can you REALLY promise me that ? ”

For those who don’t know – I just switched jobs. Not really that drastic. In the same company, same line but diff venue and diff jobscope. And therefore i have a new superior.

Now, that is the question that my new boss asked me this morning. And of course my boss didnt call me Emy.  My boss said my real name.  But the point is, it sounded like a threat or warning . . . Maybe to make me feel a lil’ threatened or maybe to make me feel panic in order to find the correct choice of word to answer . . . Her tone was a lil high. Yup, its a she . . .

Emy Lomazzo – (Smilin’ Confidently) – “Of course, no problem, you have my assurance.
I definitely will ”

Maybe i just dug my own grave by answering her tricky question ever so confidently. Nope, it wasnt a carrying of balls kind of act. For God’s sake, she’s a woman . . she don’t have balls . . . or maybe she has ? HAha . . . Bluek, I wouldnt want to know that . .

But at least I didnt even try the line ” I will try my best ” . . cuz thats what most people would have answered. But point is, i got only like 2-3 sec to think of an answer. And within that period my rockstar mind works its magic naturally.  Those words came flowing out.

She smiled and looked content with my answer. She merely answered – ” Very Good. Great to have you here. Welcome on board ”

Thank God its a “She” . . It makes it easier. But then again, she’s a woman. A woman is famous and legendary in the sense that she is able to say a diff thing and feel a diff thing. So i am not really sure. But the fact her eyes gleamed up after my reply seems to have triggered a sense to my gut feeling that i answered correctly. And my gut feeling has rarely failed me!

Self taught Lesson Of the Day 

  • Be confident of yourself.
  • Do not panic or get stressed when faced with such situation
  • If people are kinda lookin down on you, always have a “rockstar” type of answer ready
  • Women love false promises and sugarcoated words.