The Real Me

I am actually a quiet, sensitive and normal average joe kinda guy. All that talkative, loud, noisy, funny, happy go lucky n hack care attitude, tats just an alter ego. Alot of people knew my alter ego. Only a handful knows me as i am. Please do not ask me why . . . cuz i would have told u . . . if i have the answer, that is…..i have been playing this role to perfection for quite some time.
And i want out. But i do not know how to. At least not yet.

I am not good with words n speeches, esp when it concerns matters of the heart. I have difficulty expessing myself. Always have. There’s always something holding me back. Thats why I always prefer to express myself through writing. It kinda of frees my soul. It keeps me sane. There’s so much i wanna say, there’s so much i wanna do . . .

Music keeps me alive. The stories thats happening around me, be it form other people or from myself, kept me thinking. Yeah, i think alot. And i fantasise a lot. Not in a dirty kinda way but more of those “what ifs” scenarios . .

Its pretty stupid, but that where my amusement comes from. People always say they can read me or tell me that they know me, but the truth is, they can’t and they dont.

But they tried though.

Only i know the real me. Not many people know themselves inside and outside.
But I do . . And I am proud of that fact.